OnePlus 11 Receives OxygenOS 14 Open Beta 2: Bug Fixes and Improvements

OnePlus has wasted no time in addressing issues with the OxygenOS 14 open beta for OnePlus 11. Just two weeks after the release the company has rolled out the second beta version. This iterative update is aimed at resolving known problems and enhancing the overall user experience. Let us see the details of the OnePlus 11 OxygenOS 14 open beta 2.

It is important to remember that for the time being only users in North America and India can access this update. An incremental update for OnePlus 11 may have already been sent if you have been using the initial beta version. Make sure device is running the most recent OxygenOS 13.1 version before beginning the update.

The OxygenOS 14 Open Beta 2 primarily addresses issues related to System, Connections, and Camera functionalities. Here is the list of the changes user can expect:

What’s new in OnePlus 11 Receives OxygenOS 14 Open Beta 2

  • System
    • Fixes problems that could lead to the crash of some third party applications.
    • Addresses a screen flicker problem that might occur when opening specific apps.
    • Resolves an issue where swipe up gestures might not function as intended.
  • Connections
    • Fixes a volume problem affecting Bluetooth headphones.
  • Camera
    • Resolves a display issue impacting the status bar when switching between landscape and portrait modes in the Camera app.
    • Fixes an issue where the toolbar in the Camera app might fail to hide.
    • Addresses a display problem in the Camera app when using Interval shooting in landscape mode.

OnePlus 11 Receives OxygenOS 14 Open Beta 2: Bug Fixes and Improvements

OnePlus has also provided a list of known issues that users should be aware of in this second beta release:

  • Potential failure of the first fingerprint unlock on third-party music lock screens.
  • Inability to connect WhatsApp incoming calls or videos after clicking on the call notification while playing a game or video in full screen.
  • Abnormal brightness on the lock screen in a dark environment.
  • When using the camera to take photos with the AI function in full screen there is a chance of black edges appearing on both sides of the image.
  • Black edges on both sides may be displayed on photos taken with the AI function in full-screen mode.
  • Possible lack of a reminder when turning on screen recording.

If you are a OnePlus 11 user interested in trying out the Android 14 based OxygenOS 14 open beta ensure  device is running either CPH2447_13.1.0.590(EX01) or CPH2447_13.1.0.591(EX01). Additionally make sure device is charged to at least 60% and consider backing up any critical data before proceeding with the update.

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