OnePlus Nord Moniker confirmed with possible release date

So finally after loads of speculations, the name of the upcoming OnePlus mid-range device has been confirmed. This is yet again not confirmed by the company. The Amazon India has created a whole new subpage for the upcoming Oneplus event.

When we checked the page source of the page, we found that the name NORD appeared several times. You can check that by going to the Amazon India’s new Oneplus page, then right-click on your mouse and select view page source.

OnePlus Nord Moniker confirmed on Amazon India Page source

Not only that but there is a poster at the bottom of the web page where it is written “NEW BEGINNINGS JUNE 30“.

OnePlus India Amazon Event

So it is now almost confirmed that the device will be unveiled on that day or we will be getting some information about the upcoming OnePlus device.

Madeline Brooks
Madeline Brooks
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