Download the new OnePlus WellPaper App version 2.3.0

The latest version of the WellPaper app is v2.3.0 and it’ll come with a user interface characterized by a modern, clean design, which will make it an overall more enjoyable experience.

Recently, OnePlus developers have been on a roll, pushing out new security updates and releasing the latest versions of stock apps. Now, the Chinese OEM has kicked off the launch of the new version of WellPaper. (OnePlus’s Own Wallpaper app). It is an application released last year for users who are looking to use their handsets without exaggerating.

What’s new in the OnePlus WellPaper app 2.3.0

There will be three new wallpapers introduced called Donut Shop, Botanical Garden, and Cosmos. They’ve been added to the other three wallpapers already available – Composition, Radial, and Glow. With this new version, the Donuts background has been introduced with six donuts, with all of them representing different categories of apps. Each one of them will be eaten gradually as the user eats the applications belonging to the relevant category.

  • The new donuts wallpaper is definitely worth checking out. It features six flavored donuts, all representing a different app category, covering all the apps you normally use. The donut gradually gets eaten the more you’re using the category.
  • The new “Do Not Track” feature will allow users to exclude apps from the wallpaper data visualization.
  • There will be a refreshed UI design for a cleaner and more modern look.
  • All the wallpapers support “show screen time on taps”. Users will be able to turn it off in the settings.

How to download and use the WellPaper App v2.3.0?

Download the new OnePlus WellPaper App version 2.3.0

If you’re looking to try out the WellPaper, you can easily download the new version and take advantage of all the new features and additions. You can either head over to the app’s dedicated page on the Google Play Store or you can download the app from APK Mirror. A great novelty of this app is the ability to exclude certain apps from functionality and display the data in the background. Lastly, all the wallpapers will support the feature that shows time with a tap on the empty part of the screen.

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