Online Poker vs. Live Poker

Before enjoying the benefits of technology, when you wanted to play a game of poker, you had to go to the nearest casino (if there was one). Otherwise, you had to organize a game night with friends to bet playing poker.

Nowadays, the situation is very different since through online casinos for real money; you can play poker from anywhere and at any time through online casinos for real money. That’s right, the evolution of technology has allowed poker games for real money to be within everyone’s reach, from the comfort of their home, without having to go to a physical casino, which implies traveling and depending on its opening hours.

Moreover, practically 90% of poker games are virtual nowadays, leaving the face-to-face mode a bit forgotten, except in the case of big tournaments organized by both physical and online casinos in specific physical locations.

Logically, the online game mode poses several differences compared to the face-to-face game mode. In this article, we will see these differences and analyze how the online game is developed versus the face-to-face game.

Differences between online poker and live poker

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Online poker is more convenient and accessible

As mentioned above, with the advent of online casinos for real money, players can now access gambling games much more conveniently and easily.

Physical casinos are not abundant in most cities (except Las Vegas). They are usually far from the central area, so getting there can be complicated or even unfeasible. However, when it comes to playing poker online, there is no need to travel anywhere; you just need an internet connection and an electronic device to access the online casino’s website.

This is convenient for poker enthusiasts. It is also much more accessible since it allows those who could not access the physical casinos (because of distance or schedule problems) to access the online ones.

The virtual experience is very different from the real one

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It seems obvious, but it is necessary to point out that when you play virtually, you lose face-to-face interaction with the rest of the people. The player is alone at home (or wherever) and does not sit next to anyone or chat with his opponents; he cannot see their faces or register their movements or gestures. The virtual experience removes all physical and real elements from the game. Playing poker online feels like playing alone, even though you are against other players.

The rhythm of the game is very different from one modality to the other

The pace at which online poker games are played is much faster than when playing in person. This can be very beneficial for those players who feel that live games are very tedious and slow.

The difference in the game’s speed is that the online game does not have to wait for the dealer to deal the cards, collect the chips and deal the pots; therefore, it saves that time. In addition, the interaction that can occur in live games can make it even slower, as it is all about sharing a moment and having fun.

This online play is much more dynamic and faster, an aspect that most players prefer, as it allows them to play more hands in a shorter amount of time.

The variety offered by online poker is much greater

Online casinos have the advantage of not worrying about physical space in terms of size. A land-based casino can offer a limited number of poker tables depending on its space. Even if we take the largest land-based casino in the world as an example, it will never be able to offer the same amount of variety of poker games as a good online casino. In the virtual world, players can choose from various varieties of poker.

Online players have more tools at their disposal

Many tools on the market are available for poker players to work on their game and improve their skills. For example, online players can use software that allows them to review their playing technique and analyze mistakes to correct them. Through this tracking software, players can immediately improve their game without relying on the “trial and error” method typical of live play. Therefore, online gaming offers greater benefits and opportunities.


We cannot argue whether one modality is better than the other, as it all depends on the taste and needs of each player. However, the online game offers many more comforts and benefits than the live game.


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