OUKITEL K10 announced officially with a massive 11000 mAh battery

OUKITEL has announced the high-end flagship with a massive battery, OUKITEL K10 which comes with 11000mAh battery. As the new year starts and Chinese Spring Festival is coming, OUKITEL K10 is about to go to market in this month. With a larger battery, faster charging, upgraded processors and new operating system, the company put its latest smartphone for the battery test and also posted a YouTube video for the same which has been linked below.

In the video posted by the company, the OUKITEL K10’s screen was set to full brightness and maximum volume then the popular show, “Breaking Bad” was played continuously online with WiFi on. After 1 hour of video playing, it only consumes 1% power and left 99% which can be seen in the video also. Since K10 battery is massive, the company decided to check the battery capacity for several hours. After 4 hours of online video playback, K10 was at 86% power, 7 hours later, there was 70% power still left. After 17 hours, it finally consumed 85% power of K10 and left 15% power. OUKITEL arranged the battery consumption line, so the left 15% really lasts long to add to this already massive capacity. After 20 hours of video playback, K10 was at 6% power remaining. From 6% to 1%, K10 still supports 1-hour online video playing as seen from the video which is really incredible for normal smartphones.

It is known that among all the process that consumes battery, screen is the item that drains most power. The above data were tested by the criteria of most power consumption. So continuous watching FHD video should consume battery quite fast. OUKITEL K10 has a 11000mAh battery, but it also packs the fastest 5V/5A flash charger. After optimizing in final software, you will be able to fully charge 11000mAh battery in 2 hours 15 minutes. OUKITEL K10 will go to market sooner this month, you need to visit OUKITEL official website to find more interesting features for this device from here


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