OUKITEL K8 will have a 6.0-inch FHD+ big display with 5000mAh battery

OUKITEL K8 will have a 6.0-inch FHD+ big display with 5000mAh battery: We all know that year 2018 is all about notches. All most all the major Android manufacturers are coming up with new devices having a notch. The trend was set by Apple every year. There is mix response in the mobile world about the notches. Some like it and some hate it. Oukitel is coming up with a device without notch but it is not going to compromise the display size.

The upcoming OUKITEL smartphone K8 will have 5000mAh large battery with simple and elegant design and the company has given more focus to make it a great device. Here we have got more details about this K8. Check out the video given below


Some details about Oukitel K8 ( Courtesy: Oukitel)

OUKITEL K8 will have a 6.0-inch FHD+ big display with 5000mAh battery

OUKITEL K8 will feature a 6 inch FHD+ display with 18:9 aspect ratio design. Thanks to the developing technology of full display, K8 will get 82.4% screen-to-body ratio which enables large usable area. What’s more, K8 will adopt AUO brand A+ level quality LCD and Asahi glass from Japan for touch screen. Same as the latest K7, K8 will also use warm-toned LCD to protect your eyes and keep you in good mood. All these will ensure perfect visual effect on the display. K8 will also get a 3-color notification LED light on top head for notifications. It didn’t remove the 3.5mm ear jack, so for those who love to listen to music by headphones, K8 is a good choice for enjoy your own peace and time.

On the back, K8 sports elegant ergonomic design to fit human hand perfectly. K8 uses poly-carbonated material for the battery cover, but due to 3 layers of painting together with one more layer of UV celluloid paint, it gets a metallic luster and will keep your phone clean from fingerprints or sweat stain. On the top middle of back cover displays dual-lens cameras and a fingerprint scanner. The main camera of K8 rear camera is 13MP sensor with no interpolation. We can expect that K8 will offer good shooting effect as the rear camera is from Sony. According to OUKITEL, K8 will support both fingerprint unlock and face ID unlock at the same time for more protection and unlock experience.

With large battery, simple and elegant design, high resolution large display, metallic luster back, 3.5mm ear jack, Sony 13MP main camera, face ID and fingerprint unlock, OUKITEL K8 is a smartphone that pays more attention to every details to ensure enjoyment in each aspect. Take K8 on hand, it shows an elegant and restraining temperament. OUKITEL K8 will come by end of July, we look forward to know more about it to see more surprises.


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