Fix Photo Processing Issue in Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Galaxy S23 Ultra is the latest Samsung flagship and it comes packed with a 200MP primary camera. The device is able to capture stunning photos irrespective of the lighting conditions. If you’re looking to use an Android smartphone with the best cameras, you should look no further than the latest Samsung flagship. While the smartphone comes packed with versatile camera hardware, it is also coupled with Samsung’s excellent software features that further elevate the performance.

Galaxy S23 Ultra having camera issues

When talking about smartphone photography, there aren’t any brownie points on offer for guessing the flagships that are the best in the market. The two of them in question are Google and Samsung. Thanks to their computation photography, AI tweaks, and more, Samsung churns out some of the best results that any flagship has to offer.

However, Samsung and Google devices have an eerie similarity as both of them carry out post-processing tweaks, which can sometimes ruin the actual captured image. While Google devices do not give any granular control to disable the processing, Samsung will give you some level of control over this feature. However, some users are still having issues with the Photo Processing Issue. If you’re facing this issue, then you will get the answer here.

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How to fix the Photo Processing Issue

Fix Photo Processing Issue in Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

As of now, the best possible workaround that is spelling success for the users involves disabling the Scene Optimizer feature. To do that, you should go to the camera setting and ensure that you turn off the toggle next to Scene Optimizer.

Once you have done that, you should try to take a photo again and check if the photo processing issue on your Galaxy S23 Ultra is resolved. As for the official stance on this issue, the developers haven’t acknowledged this issue yet and are yet to give an ETA for the rollout of the fix.

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