Picture Cross-App Review & Picture Cross Free Games

Whether you are a regular number puzzle player or have just received the good news about the existence of the Nonogram, picture cross number puzzle will be a memorable experience for you each time you play. You need not worry about the cost because Nonogram offers free plays to the players. The number clues will aid you in filling the empty squares. After some time, you will become a real number puzzle master. Below are facts about the app for you to know concerning your favorite picture cross number puzzle.

Facts About The Picture Cross Number Puzzle

  • Cost-free- You can download the app from the Playstore at no extra cost because it is free.
  • Easy To Play Games- Once you install the app, the games are presented in levels. In the beginning, the game is easy to play and keeps improving your logical thinking. The game becomes a bit challenging as you climb up the levels.
  • Addictive- The game is easy at the beginning and gives the gamer a sense of accomplishment. This entices them to play the next game, and the gamer will keep coming back to engage with an unending sequence of number cross games. You can get as far as experiencing the picture cross arcade in which you get to collect stickers after resolving more than 700 puzzles. At this level, you can proudly announce yourself as a picture cross master
  • Rewards– The app is structured to present special games at a given time. The gamers get rewarded with unique trophies once they complete the game step by step at that particular time. You can also earn tokens by replaying the tutorials. Earn one token every time you rip through the tutorial for about ten seconds.
  • Pixel Art Hidden Picture– The app is designed to have a pixel-art picture hidden beneath the puzzle. This picture becomes the target for every gamer to be revealed once they win the game.
  • Logic-based games- The games in the picture cross-number puzzle are logically based puzzles that need logical solutions to be solved.

Features of Picture Cross App

  • Undo Option- If you make a mistake while playing, do not panic. The app allows you to correct your mistakes with a single tap.
  • Record Your Progress- You can trust your game progress by viewing your best time and other scores.
  • Color Themes-  Select color from the s present in the app to design your puzzle kingdom.
  • AutoSave Option- If you experience distraction and happen to leave your number puzzle game unfinished, the app will save it for you so you can attend to it later.
  • Hints Available – You can use the hints available in the app to help you out in case you find yourself stuck in a harder number puzzle.

Final Words

Number Puzzles are accessible to players of all skill levels. It has easy, medium, and exert levels to make it more enjoyable for beginners and experienced gamers.  You can. If you are looking for a number-based game to keep you busy during your free time, the picture cross number puzzle is an ideal option.

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