Proxy servers for android phones

Every citizen of the modern world has voluntary and forced dependencies on digital devices and information technology. Most people utilize smart devices and the internet because it enhances and accelerates our lives. However, the comfort we receive does not come without shortcomings – unique problems that plague the world enriched with digitalization.

Proxy servers for android phones

The improvements in information systems we enjoy depend on data acquisition. Competitive tech companies that want to establish a strong foothold on the market go to great lengths and employ unethical tactics to get as much information as possible. In consequence, private web users entrust their sensitive data into the hands of these businesses, which brings them benefits at the cost of our privacy.

We can observe the lack of balance in this exchange. While internet users keep receiving new innovative tools and features that improve our lives, utilization of private information by tech companies for profit reaches the levels of borderline abuse.

The invasion of privacy reflects on our browsing experience. Third-party cookies that exist on major websites and social media networks observe our purchases and other online activity to present personalized ads and algorithmic suggestions. When done correctly, it creates a more convenient browsing experience but with enough personal information, businesses can better understand customers and manipulate them to stimulate dependency and addiction to provided services. Because companies extract, analyze, and overuse private data without consequences, internet users cannot shake off the feeling of being watched. Today, more than 80% of Americans feel concerned about modern businesses and their approach to collecting private data.

To combat the injustice of blatant invasion of privacy, web surfers seek out security and anonymity tools that help us minimize the unavoidable digital footprint. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and proxy servers are the most common, simple to use tools that hide the user’s IP address. Proxies offer flexibility to your browsing experience, providing the desired privacy and the ability to change your network identity and geolocation. Working as intermediary servers, they redirect your connection and assign a different IP address.

Proxy servers have become quite common for PC and laptop users, but they are rarely used by android phone users, whose connections and interactions with installed apps bring more danger to the user’s privacy. In this article, our goal is to educate the readers and encourage them to use proxy servers on android phones. We will discuss the privacy dangers of mobile phone connections to the internet, as well as address the advantages proxy servers can bring to enrich your browsing experience. For example, if you want to access a geo-blocked website in Canada or just change your geolocation, you can use a Canada proxy to reroute your connection through an intermediary server. With a reliable proxy provider, you can choose an affordable deal and proxy IPs with many locations around the world. If you choose a Canada proxy, you will have many applications with multiple addresses at your disposal. If you are mostly interested in North American proxies, you can read more about them on blog articles provided by proxy providers and get yourself a good Canada proxy. For now, let’s focus on proxy servers for android phones.

Setting up a proxy server on your phone

Rerouting your connection to a proxy on an android phone is a very simple process. Go to your settings and click on Wi-Fi. Once you hold on to your network name, you will receive an option to modify your network. In advanced options, click on manual. There you will be able to edit your proxy settings. Enter the proxy host name provided by your provider, and you should be good to go!

To check your setup, visit or any similar website to check your active IP and data attached to it. If the setup is successful, the website will display the information about your proxy instead of personal data.

Hide your location and identity

With proxy servers, our main benefit is privacy. Because the IP address carries a lot of private information, a proxy server on an android phone allows us to conceal the network identity and change the location to a preferred region. Accessing the web through a proxy will help you minimize the digital footprint because your actions will not be attached to your IP address.

Of course, this does not eliminate profiling. Your actions on social media networks carry a lot more private information but using security tools for your connections will reduce the exposure and open doors for a lot of interesting opportunities.

Use proxy servers to your advantage

Because proxy servers assign you a different network identity, you can cycle between addresses to discover better prices and deals. Modern businesses and retailers love to present different offers to users based on their location. For flights, travel tickets, and bookings, prices can change significantly, especially if you live in a wealthier region. With a proxy server on your android phone, you can quickly find the best deals by changing proxy IPs without the need to use your computer.

Proxy servers also help hustlers find advantageous situations while pursuing limited edition goods. With a proxy server, you can access geo-blocked sales and even use bots to guarantee successful purchases without the fear of getting banned.

The concern for security and anonymity on the internet created perfect circumstances for the growth of the internet privacy market. We must not forget about the necessity of secure connections on mobile phones. With plenty of successful proxy providers in a competitive market, you will always find a deal that suits your needs for safe browsing on an android phone.

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