PUBG Mobile 1.2 Patch Notes: What’s New

No doubt PUBG is one of the most popular online games in the world. Before the Indian ban, the game was enjoying a huge user base in the country and now the gaming is in the verge of making a comeback to the Indian market. Now the company has released the PUBG Mobile 1.2 Patch Notes

The developers have been improving every aspect of the game to make it more fun. We all know that Royale Pass Season 17 mobile will be officially released on January 19, 2021, and the company is doing some awesome stuff for the upcoming update.

Some intel suggests that PUBG MOBILE version 1.2 will bring new features based on The Runic Power Theme and The Power Armor. You can read the full Patch note below.

PUBG Mobile 1.2 Patch Notes: The Runic Power Theme and The Power Armor

PUBG Mobile 1.2 Patch Notes: What's New

  • Runic Power Gameplay (January 12 to March 7) Rune Abilities-Players will choose their Rune energy type on Spawn Island.
  • Flame Rune
  • Arctic Rune
  • Wind Rune
  • Power Armor: Metro Royale’s New Chapter has started- the technological battlefield.
    • Powered Exoskeleton
    • Extreme Hunt Mode
    • Respawn
  • Metro Royale: Honor (From January 12)
    • The Newest Chapter
    • New Metro Royale Honor System
    • New Solo Mode
    • Metro Royale Improvements
    • New Firearms, New Options
  • Game Performance and Other Improvements
    • Basic Performance Improvements: Security Improvements
    • Basic Experience Improvements: Sight Model Improvements
    • Skydiving and Landing Action Improvements
  • Feature to Cancel Reloading
  • Firearm Balancing
  • Other System Improvements
    • Social System Improvements
  • Voice Pack Inventory Improvements
  • Other New Season Content
    • Royale Pass Season 17: RUNIC POWER (January 19 to March 21)
    • New Cheer Park Theme:
    • Dream Team Theme (Feb 9 to Mar 7)
    • Subscription Festival (January 13 to January 27)

Update Reward: Update the game between January 12 and January 17 (UTC+0) to get:

  • 2,888 BP
  • 100 AG
  • Acolyte of Justice Backpack (3d)



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