PUBG Mobile Lite v0.14.0 update brings improved graphics, new outfits, and more

Tencent company has released another PUBG Mobile Lite update for the devices. The lightweight version of PUBG Mobile now has been updated to 0.14.0 version. The new update brings so many improvements and bug fixes which will enhance the user experience. There are several improvements in the graphics and new features as well. PUBG Mobile Lite v0.14.0 update offers a smaller version of Erangel map only for the players due to the smaller file size.

The lite version is compatible with most of the Android devices which are running on low-end processors and RAM variants. Even the higher devices will also eligible to run this game easily without any frame drop or lag. Now, let’s take a look at the new update changelog.

The new update adds emotes and new outfits in the game like the normal version of PUBG Mobile. It also features bombing zones, WP theme & rewards, new system settings, and more. The update also brings customization guide, improved graphics, accuracy increased of RPG-7, etc.

PUBG Mobile Lite v0.14.0 Update: Changelog

PUBG Mobile Lite v0.14.0 update brings improved graphics, new outfits, and more

  • New WP theme and rewards
  • New outfits added
  • Updated system settings
  • Added customization guide
  • Added emotes
  • Improved UI & update pack size
  • Improved graphics
  • Battle parameters improved
  • Increased accuracy of RPG-7
  • Added bombing zones

Players will get the update notification very soon. It improves the battle parameters as well along with the graphics. The improved UI and pack size are also updated this time. Now, players will also get customization guide in order to adjust the visuals and other tasks.

Ravis Sharma
Ravis Sharma

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