Rasberry Pi 4 Specs, Release Date and Estimated Price

Rasberry Pi 4 Specs, Release Date and Estimated Price: In-spite of very rapid advancement of technology, the humble Raspberry Pi has been a very successful device from the time it was released. It was created by a team of Ex-Cambridge University staff. It has become a very well known product across the globe and helped newbie coders and teenagers to get an hands on experience of project building.

With every successful iteration, this device has been more powerful, and the range now includes everything needed to act and power basic desktop machines and enterprise IOT developments. Raspbian is the operating system designed especially for Raspberry Pi computers.

Raspberry Pi 4 Specs and Rumours

Raspberry Pi 3 has 1 GB of RAM and 1.2 GHz of processor. It is highly speculated that the Pi 4 will come with a 2 GB of RAM and BCM4908 Broadcom processor which will take the processing power to 1.8 GHz from the present 1.2 GHz. It may also come with USB 3.0 ports for higher transfer speeds, power management and more features only limited to 3.0 ports. Raspberry Pi 3 already has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, so there might be not much network upgrades. The Foundation is working more on interoperability of the Pi devices.

We will be updating about the news on specs but there have been no official announcements yet. There’s no official news out for the same, so it’s hard to trust anybody yet.

However Google has partnered with Raspberry Pi Foundation for the power of Google AI. The Voice HAT (Hardware Accessory on Top) board allows users to voice control to their projects. Makers and Raspberry Pi owners will also have access to Google powerful tools including Google Assistant SDK, Google’s Cloud Speech API, and Google’s AI helper.

New Operating Systems

Raspberry Pi already support a plethora of operating systems such as Ubuntu MATE, Windows 10, Fedora 21, but 2017 and 2018 will witness the Pi being home to more OS’es. The Foundation is working to improve the visual processing power using the open source VC4 graphics driver combined with a 64-bit processor which will make it easier to port to new Operating Systems.

Raspberry Pi Release Dates

Eben Upton, co-founder of Raspberry Pi foundation had previously stated that Raspberry Pi 3 will last for around three years and probably there won’t be any release of the new Pi device this year or even in 2018. The Pi 4 may come in 2019, or even can be delayed more, because some rumors claim that the Foundation has effectively reached the limit of what can be achieved using the 40 nm manufacturing process, and probably will have to shift to a different manufacturing process for efficient silicon.

Raspberry Pi Expected Price

The main reason why the original Raspberry Pi was so cheap was that it was intended to be affordable for children who wanted to get into computing. The first version of Raspberry Pi was in the range of $35 and that is the reason it is still popular. It is highly unexpected that the price will go beyond this range.

Raspberry Pi 4 may come with more accessories like keyboards, displays, cables which need to be purchased separately. The board itself will cost in the $35 range but the accessories might cost more.

That’s all the information about the Pi device which is available right now. keep reading RootMyGalaxy for more updates about the Pi device.

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