Download Latest Realme Compass App (All Versions)

Every Realme smartphone that has a compass sensor also includes Realme’s Compass app as a standard inclusion. It is a really useful tool that will assist you in figuring out the directions on your smartphone. In the event that you become lost and need assistance finding your way to a specific destination, you can use this. In the past, Realme would routinely put out updated versions of the APK in order to make the app more user-friendly.

How to download the Realme compass app

Realme has been pushing the new update to the Compass app and it comes with the version number v12.0.120 and it has gone live for global users. The app is compatible with smartphones that run on Android 12 or above. This is a stable update and it’ll improve the app’s performance.

Features of the Realme Compass App v12.0.120

The Realme Compass App is a pretty simple application and it feels exquisite to use. It’ll give you precise location information similar to a traditional analog compass but with exciting designs and colors customized for producing high-quality graphics. It’s handy and ranks among the most compelling magnetic and directional compass apps on the app market.

  • Use the app anywhere

Download Latest Realme Compass App (All Versions)

You can use this app for most outdoor activities like travel, camping, boating, hiking, etc. The compass can adjust for any setting and will give you a great overview of your current location and direction.

  • Works all around the world

The Realme Compass app works accurately all around the world. All you have to do is open it and you’ll receive precise information. There are many great compass apps, but most of them work accurately only in the United States. However, this one works accurately all over the world.

  • Useful information displayed

Make use of tremendous Realme Compass. You will love the navigation app as it is exact and will display True North or Magnetic North and Level. On top of that, you’ll be able to share the exact GPS coordinates with your family or friends via SMS and Email.


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