How to recover deleted/lost messages from Samsung devices without root

Have you deleted your messages accidentally from Samsung devices such as Galaxy S3, S4 or other devices? When a message is deleted on your phone, it does not go to the recycle bin or trash as seen on the PC. Normally, it would be marked as the useless data so that could be overwritten by the new data. The deleted message would be invisible so they would disappear when data is overwritten. When you have deleted the message there is no need to be panic as you can conveniently retrieve the message without any rooting the device. There are many number of Android Data Recovery software are available that helps to recover the deleted SMS, contacts, pictures and videos from the Samsung phone. dr.fone – Recover (Android Data Recovery) is one of the world’s first Android data recovery software that is reliable and completely safe. Of course, it is convenient to regain the lost data on the Android Smartphone when you have accidentally deleted, system crash, factory resetting, flashing ROM and forgotten password. Using the ultimate software, it is also quite easier to preview and check the data to get deleted or lost data from the Samsung Android Smartphone Tablet.

dr.fone – Recover (Android Data Recovery):

dr.fone – Recover (Android Data Recovery) is a data recovery software suitable for the Android Phone and Tablet. dr.fone is highly capable of recovering the data from the Android Smartphone. In fact, it also allows recovering the deleted data from the SD cards in the Android devices. Using the dr.fone Android, you can conveniently recover the SMS text message, contacts, photos, audio, video and many other data.

  • High-end retrieval rate
  • Easy recovery of contacts, messages, photos, videos, calls logs and more
  • Compatible with more than 6000 Android devices
  • Extracts data from the broken Samsung phones

There are unfortunate events that could also lead to deleting text messages accidentally without any notice. In fact, it could also lead to the evil bug, wrong move or navigating too quickly. Deleted text messages will be temporarily saved with the virtual space. You can regain the data from your Smartphone so that it would be quite easier to recover them instantly with few steps. With more than 10 years of experience, Wondershare dr.fone is the top-ranked software that provides you ultimate service dedicated that also serves more than 50,000,000+ users. Wondersharers are known for helping the customers to easily enjoy the modern digital lives to the maximum. Forgiving you complete mobile solutions,  dr.fone is equipped with the more detailed process that would efficiently useful to recover the deleted files on the Smartphone. People across the world have installed the dr.fone more than 50,000,000 times and it acts as the best tool suitable for bringing you the complete solution.

Coupled with the simple operation, dr.fone is efficient to retrieve the deleted text messages on your Samsung Smartphone. Using the dr.fone, you can conveniently recover the deleted Android SMS, photos, and videos that also include the name, date as well as detailed contents. In fact, this program perfectly works across all the Samsung devices without root. dr.fone – Android Data Recovery works perfectly for all the below issues

  • Lost data after factory restore
  • Lost data after OS update
  • Device not responding
  • Data missing after ROM flashing or Rooting
  • Device forgotten password or locked
  • Unable to synchronize backup
  • Deleted
  • System Crash
  • SD Card Issue
  • Black Screen
  • Damaged
  • Rooting Error

How to recover deleted or lost messages:

Repair Smartphone system would be like frozen, crashed, virus-attack, black-screen and screen-locked with broken internal storage. Therefore, it is most important to recover the data in short time before it gets deleted or overwrites permanently. Follow the below instructions or steps when your data is deleted in the Samsung Smartphone.

Step 1: Download dr.fone and Install on your PC

  • Select “Recover” from the main window on the dr.fone.
  • Now connect Android device to PC via USB cable
  • Enable USB debugging on Android device
  • Follow the USB debugging steps
  • On Android 2.3 or earlier – Click on Settings > Applications > Development.
  • Click next for USB Debugging
  • On Android 3.0 to 4.1 – Click on Settings > Developer Options.
  • Click next for USB Debugging
  • On Android 4.2 or later – Click Settings > About Phone and click Build Number 7 times
  • Now Go back to the Settings > Developer Options then click Next for the USB Debugging
  • With enabling the USB Debugging on the Android device, see the popup on the device.
  • Tap OK (dr.fone recognizes Android device)

Step 2: Select File types to recover

dr.fone displays recoverable data types when the device is connected. You can also easily select the file type(s) to save time and you can start the recovery process to start the scan.


Step 3: Select appropriate scan mode

  • fone offers 2 options
    • Scan for deleted files
    • Scan for all files
  • Normally, Scanning all the files thoroughly would be quite time-consuming so that you can retrieve the data much more efficiently.
  • Click “Next” to start scanning process


Duration of scanning normally depends on data storage on the Android devices. There is no need to disconnect device and you need to wait until the complete scan is complete.

  • Recover deleted data on Android
  • Preview found data and Select desired items
  • Click “Recover” on the computer
  • Recover deleted SMS from Android
  • Recover deleted Contacts on Android
  • Recover deleted Photos on Android

dr.fone – Recover (Android) is one of the most used software that lets you get the complete reliable data that you have lost. dr.fone is also considered as the most beneficial data recovery option that is suitable for retrieving the deleted data without spending any penny. Using this Android message recovery tool, it is much easier to enable data recovery process automatically by gaining more time to the excellence. There is no need to engage a lot of technicalities and it does not tame much time to recover the data without any hassle. to recover your data, you merely have to make few clicks that could easily take care of the complete data recovery process. dr. fone is also considered as one of the most compatible tools for both the Mac and Windows Operating System so that it would be quite easier to solve every problem. Moreover, dr.fone – Recover (Android) support more than 6000 Android models which is much more efficient to make the recovery process.

  • Recovers Android data with simple scanning on Android Phone and Tablet
  • Supports various file categories such as WhatsApp, Messages, Contacts, Photos, Audio, Videos and Documents.
  • Supports more than 6000 Android Device, Models

The Recover tool is much more beneficial for recovering the deleted text messages, documents, contacts, photos, and much more. dr.fone – Recover Tool also does not require any user for engaging lots of technicalities and takes more time from routine.

  • Connect your Android phone
  • Enable USB debugging on Samsung devices
  • Analyze Samsung phone
  • Scan and recover deleted files from Samsung phone

How to avoid losing data on Android devices

  • Backing up your data with SMS backup or file backup
  • Download the SMS backup+ on Playstore
  • Get “Connect” option with checking App required with valid Gmail account
  • Back up your messages
  • Prompt for Grant access permission
  • Select “Backup” for all the messages to your Gmail account
  • After “Backup” is complete you can restore the data any time even after your Smartphone is crashed or data lost

dr.fone toolkit Guarantee:

One of the greatest advantages of using this software is that you could conveniently recover the deleted data without rooting your Samsung phone. You can also conveniently recover your lost data with complete peace of mind and you would get more benefits.

  • Previewable – Verify data complete detail before recovery
  • Selective – Recover item on the device
  • Safe – No harm for the data on device
  • Secure – Read-only with no data leaked or kept
  • Easy – interface to use
  • Guarantee – Try out this instant software free for 30 days

dr.fone brings you the complete guaranteed service so that you can easily retrieve the content to full extent. Follow the below steps to easily retrieve all the data from your phone. Recover the deleted data from your Smartphone so that you can easily solve every problem to the high excellence. dr.fone with the Backup & Restore so that it would be quite easier to bring you complete benefits. Upgrading the tool to the new version would also let you to easily recover the data instantly with gaining the results without any hassle. When you have lost a lot of messages or data then here is the only option for you to easily get your problem solved. Of course, it is also much more convenient to retrieve the deleted data from the trash bin or recycle bin. It would be quite easier to access the Android phones with the broken screen. Using the dr.fone, it is also much more efficient to remove the locked screen from the Android devices without any loss of data.

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