Removeddit Not Working issue, Is Removeddit Down?

Removeddit is a website that is used for viewing deleted or removed comments and threads from Reddit. The process to do this is fairly simple. All you have to do is visit the Reddit thread and then change the “reddit” present in the URL to “removeddit” and you’ll get the ability to see the comments that have been removed. This is done by comparing the comments stored in Jason Baumgartners Pushshift Reddit API and the ones from Reddit API. The frontend is written in React and it makes use of Saas as a CS pre-processor. There’s a separate backend that can be used for storing the threads that have been removed by the moderators.

You should remember that you may get to see all sorts of content on Removeddit, which ranges from violence to obscene videos to other disturbing content as Reddit is a website made by adults for adults. You’ll need to ensure that you are 18 years or older before you’re able to access Removeddit.

Not able to access Removeddit?

As good as Removeddit really is, even Removeddit faces a few issues here and there. The site has been getting some occasional errors, which could irritate you a lot. Many users have stated that they were getting messages saying “No comments found” and the website mentioned “censored” in the removed or deleted comments. They even tried different browsers without any add-ons and disabled the Enhanced Tracking Protection from Firefox but this technique didn’t help either. Some even stated that they tried using Removeddit, the title of the website loading but the same didn’t happen in terms of content.

Removeddit Not Working issue, Is Removeddit Down?

These issues definitely give a headache and primarily when you’re in a hurry. If the issues don’ get resolved by themselves, the best thing to do would be to try them out yourself.

How to fix the Removeddit not working issue/ Alternatives?

Note: There is a great thread on reddit about the issue and some alternatives to Removeddit. You can read it here

Firstly, you’ll need to turn off the “Tracking Protection” feature. To do that, you should click on the back and white shield icon that is seen next to the “https” present at the URL and choose “Turn off Tracking Protection for this site”. You can then solve it by disabling the add-ons. If it doesn’t work, you can also use the “Safe Mode” feature.

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