How to Reset App Settings to Default on an Android Smartphone

There are numerous instances wherein an app might struggle to perform along the expected lines. From data being corrupted to slow loading time to displaying incorrect information or facing constant crashes, Android apps might get bugged by a slew of issues.

When that happens, you will have to start with the basic troubleshooting methods like restarting your smartphone, booting it in safe mode, force stopping and restarting, and more. If none of these methods work, the best option would be to reset app settings to default.

If this is something that you’re looking to do, then this guide will be helpful. In this guide, you will get to know how to reset app settings to default on an Android smartphone.

How to reset app settings to default on an Android smartphone?

Reset App Settings to Default

To get the job done, you will first have to delete the app’s data. If you’re looking to fix an offline app or an offline game, then you could end up losing the progress. For instance, if you’re using a File Manager app, then deleting the data will not affect any of the files. Meanwhile, if it is an online app, then you should look to sync your app data with an online account. With that said, here are the steps you’ll need to follow to reset app settings to default on an Android smartphone –

  • To start off, you need to go to Settings -> Apps -> All Apps
  • Now, you should select the desired app
  • If the app isn’t visible, you should tap on the overflow icon present at the top right and then select “Show System”
  • The app will be visible now
  • Now, you should go to the Storage and Cache section
  • Tap on the “Clear Storage/Delete Data” option
  • Tap on “Delete Data” before pressing “OK” in the confirmation prompt
  • Restart your device to reset app settings to default
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