How to restore Game Space (Game Assistant) on Oppo and Realme Phones

Game Space is the game library app for Oppo and Realme smartphones. Aside from organizing games, it also serves functions like blacking notifications while playing an online game, setting the brightness, resolution, as well as power settings like Low Power or High Performance. It is essential to get the most performance out of your Oppo/Realme device or preserve the battery and reduce heat.

The issue with Game Space is that the app has been removed from a few Oppo and Realme devices. Other users might also find it disappearing abruptly after an update. For resolving the issue, it’ll be important to know what can be done to recover the Game Space app. Any Oppo user who isn’t able to find the built-in app shouldn’t be concerned as this guide will give you just what you need.

Download and Enjoy the latest Game Space app for your Oppo and Realme devices

If you’re new to Game Space, you’re in for a treat. The Game Space app will bring in many new features and give an overall better experience for your Oppo and Realme devices. It is a handy little app for Oppo and Realme users that you may think that you don’t need until you start using it. Normally, the games on your PC are organized on a gaming platform or accessible in a folder, now the same can be done on a mobile. With gaming on smartphones becoming bigger than ever, the need to have them grouped together is bigger than ever.

How to recover Game Space on your Oppo or Realme device if it missing in the new update?

Steps to restore Game Space (Game Assistant) on Oppo and Realme Phones

restore Game Space (Game Assistant) on Oppo and Realme Phones

If your Game Space isn’t visible after an update but it is still not deleted, you can easily restore the built-in app that comes with most Oppo and Realme smartphones. All you need to do is follow these simple steps.

  • Open your device and head over to the Settings option
  • Search for the “Game Space” app in the Search Icon available
  • Once you’ve found the Game Space option, look if it is hidden or deactivated
  • Enable the option
  • For making the Game Space app available on the homescreen, you’ll need to enable Shortcut to Homescreen
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