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Roblox is a platform where you can easily design your own 3D games and invite other people to play with you. Every gamer knows about this platform. If you’re an avid gamer, you would have definitely heard of Roblox. In this article, you’ll get to know about one of the best things in the game – the Roblox Admin Commands.

What are Roblox Admin Commands?

Just like every other platform, even Roblox has a long list of Administrator commands that can be used for executing all the amazing functionalities that Roblox has to offer. You’ll be able to unlock different hidden features of Roblox using different Roblox Admin Commands.

Moreover, you can use the codes to mess around with other players and they won’t even get to know about it. All you hate to do is enter and execute the command in the chatbox.

List of Roblox Admin Commands 2022

You’ll be able to access the admin commands once you’ve got the Admin Command Activation pass. For accessing the admin commands, you’ll have to type:cmds into the chatbox. Admin commands will give you access to different features in the game. You’ll be able to upgrade your gaming avatar through these commands, have fun with others by using these commands, and more. The best thing is that they won’t even get to know it. Here is the entire list of commonly used Roblox Admin Commands that you can use to improve your Roblox experience –

List of Roblox Admin Commands -2022

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  • :Fire – Starts a fire
  • :Jump – Makes the character jump
  • :Unfire – Stops the fire
  • :Ff – Creates a force field around the player
  • :Kill – Kills the player
  • :Loopkill – Kills the player repeatedly
  • :Sparkles – Makes your player sparkle
  • :Unsparkles – Nullifies the sparkles command
  • :Unff – Erases the force field
  • :Smoke – Creates the smoke around the player
  • :Unsmoke – Turns off the smoke
  • :Normal head – Returns the head to the original size
  • :Bighead – Makes the player’s head bigger
  • :Minihead – Makes the player’s head smaller
  • :Sit – Makes the player sit
  • :Admin – Allows the player to use the command script
  • :Unadmin – Allows the player to lose to ability to use the command script
  • :Trip – Makes the other players trip
  • :Visible – The players will become visible
  • :Invisible – The player will disappear
  • :God Mode – The players will become impossible to kill while becoming deadly to everything else in the game
  • :UnGod Mode – The players will return to normal
  • :Kick – Kick any player from the game
  • :Fix – Fix any broken script
  • :Jail – Puts any player into a jail
  • :Unjail – Cancels out the effects of jail
  • :Respawn – Bring any player back to life
  • :Zombify – Turns any player into an infectious zombie
  • :Givetools – The player will receive Roblox Starter Pack tools
  • :Remove tool – Removes the players’ tools
  • :Explode – Makes a player explode
  • :Freeze – Freeze a player in place
  • :Control – Grants you control over another player
  • :Merge – Allows a player to control another player
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