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How to Safely Root LG G4 Beat [G4s/H735] In 5min

Here we share a detailed easy and simple step by step guide to Safely Root LG G4 Beat [G4s/H735] In 5min

There is good news for all LG G4 Beat users.Now you can root your LG G4 beat.The root trick is very easy and simple.It works on Android 5.1.1 lollipop.If you have LG G4 Beat and now you want to gain the root access on your device then just follow the guide to Safely Root LG G4 Beat [G4s/H735]

It is a very simple and easy process.Here we will be using LG Flash tool to get root access on LG G4 Beat / LG G4s.This guide is only for LG G4 Beat model number H735, so do check your model number before trying.


*Make sure there is at least 80% battery left on your smartphone before begin rooting your device.

How to Safely Root LG G4 Beat [G4s/H735] In 5min

Warning: will not be held responsible for any kind of damage occurred to your LG G4 Beat [G4s/H735] while following this tutorial.Do it at your own risk.


Before proceed, follow some of the given steps

  • Backup your device completely, including storage, SMS, contacts, etc.
  • Enable USB debugging on your phone.

Setting->About Phone->Build Number->Tap 7 times on  build number->It will enable the developer mode in the main setting->Go to Developer->Enable the Debugging

How to Safely Root LG G4 Beat [G4s/H735]


LF_Rootworm tools — Link | File: (4.81 MB)

→ For more details on this rootworm tool and G4s visit this official Xda post

LG Flash tool 2014 — Link | File: (3.12 MB)

How to Safely Root LG G4 Beat [G4s/H735] In 5min

Full Step By Step Guide

Root LG G4 Beat

1. Phone plug in with usb on usb port, usb debugging on, MTP
2. Unzip the and click the rootworm script
Some hard secured phones like the h735 had closed port. So with this devices we must use also LG FLash Tool 2014.

4. Open LG Flash Tool 2014
5. Choose kdz, smartphone (wm) and press normal flash (we dont flash,its only to open the port)
6. Now phone boot will direct try in Download Mode or reboot. On LG Flash tool run the line with the percents %
7. At around 5% the phone reach the Download Mode.
8. Now comes the trick, at 9% the port opens and then in green letters will stand COM X.
9. In this moment with the green COM X letters plug off the usb cable.
10.. Close LG Flash tool with Windows Task Manager. (The Flash progress bar and the flash tool direct).
11. Port is open and can connect again to pc.
12. shift right click in the zip an type SendCommand.exe \\.\COM(yourCOMport) < rootworm

For More details on this Go to the official Xda page

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