Rules for Writing Good Essays within a day

Writing an excellent university essay requires you to communicate your message. The key elements should be organized, supported by evidence-based arguments, and wrapped up at the conclusion so the reader can understand what they have learned. This requires you to see the reader’s point of view to be able to do it well. By understanding the reader’s perspective, you can avoid any pitfalls that could confuse or bore them. Here are some tips to help avoid the common pitfalls. These rules can be broken if you can understand them. These tips can help clarify how you approach your writing.

Can you recall writing an essay within 25 minutes of starting? If you took the SAT, you would know. You don’t need to panic if you have urgent academic writing. Instead, take a look at this six-step guide on how to write an essay within a day.

Know your goals

When writing a personal letter or essay for a college application or graduate school application, you need specific goals. Review these goals before starting to write. When you have a compressed timeline, it is essential that you clearly understand your objective.

Choose a topic

Rules for Writing Good Essays within a day

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In normal circumstances, you might spend several days brainstorming an exciting topic. After that, you might create a detailed outline for your essay before revising it over the next week. This isn’t easy if you have a tight time schedule.

Now, write down the first three to four ideas that strike you. If you’re unable to come up with an appropriate topic, ask your parents/friends to review your assignment. As the execution of the idea is far more important than your original idea, don’t spend more than 10-15 minutes on this section.

Do not worry about finding the perfect topic. Just select one that you brainstorm because there is no essay you can write without a topic.

Set deadlines

You must set deadlines to complete a one-day essay. For brainstorming, you should allow 5-10 mins, for outline creation and writing. It is possible to set aside one hour for feedback and reviews and another for any revisions. It is a good idea to take an hour off for mental refreshment. Final reminder: Make sure you submit your essay before the deadline. A flexible schedule will allow you the flexibility to deal with any unexpected issues.

Arrange for reviewers to be present in advance

Arrange for reviewers (such as a parent or friend) as soon as possible. Inform them when you expect to send a draft. If you have a more extended deadline, such as a week or several days, you may be able to find reviewers only after you have submitted your draft. You will not have this luxury if your deadlines are shorter. It is essential to be clear about your deadline for the review period to go smoothly.

Outline your essay

There are many resources out there that can assist you in writing an excellent essay. The purpose of this article is not to give that advice but to fit the time constraints. Refrain from abandoning your outline. It is essential to have an outline for a single essay rather than a weekly project with the exact word count. An outline will help you keep your essay organized and on track, even if time is tight.

It is not necessary to be very detailed. The outline should take 15 to 20 minutes. Find your hook (see below), then draw the threads that will connect this moment to the central argument or idea.

Stay organized

Write a simple hook for your opening para instead of writing a lengthy anecdote or a statement with an emotional impact. This is your opportunity to make your argument or idea worth the reader’s time.

Remember that perfection can be a detriment to good. Manage your expectations. Don’t expect perfection. You want to write a good essay. Check your work for errors if you have a catchy hook and a flow of ideas.

Here are some final thoughts about writing papers

Your section length should be proportional to your essay size. If you are writing a 5-page essay requires a 1-page introduction. It can easily be achieved with

It is better to complete eight pages than six pages if the assignment has 6-8 pages. You need to have enough space for development when you have a limited number of pages. But don’t just repeat the same argument over and over again. You can fill up the space with arguments in many different ways.

Keep in mind that clarity and conciseness will be your friends.

To sound more assertive and concise, use a more active voice than a passive one.


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