Samsung Galaxy S23 Receives One UI 6.0 Beta ZWIB (Beta 3.1) Update

Samsung is rolling out an important software update, known as the One UI 6 Beta 3 Hotfix with the codename ZWIB for its Galaxy S23 series. This update addresses a critical issue related to WiFi connectivity and brings other enhancements to improve the user experience. With a package size of 334MB this update also incorporates the September 2023 security patch enhancing overall security.

One of the primary focuses of this update is to resolve a reset issue that occurs during the AP (Access Point) power type setting when using WiFi APs that support 6GHz. This fix is crucial for users who rely on high frequency 6GHz WiFi networks for their connectivity needs. The update aims to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted WiFi experience for Galaxy S23 users.

While the official changelog does not provide details about specific functional improvements or the addition of new features some users have reported improved animations after installing the ZWIB update. Although not explicitly mentioned these subtle enhancements can contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable user interface.

Samsung Galaxy S23’s new update fixes 6GHz Wi-Fi issue (One UI 6 Beta 3.1)

Samsung Galaxy S23 Receives One UI 6 Beta ZWIB Update: Fixes 6GHz Wi-Fi Issue

As of now, the One UI 6 Beta ZWIB update is accessible to users in several countries including South Korea, Germany,UK,US and India. Samsung plans to expand its availability to other markets, such as China and Poland shortly. If you have previously signed up for the Beta program you can manually trigger the installation process by navigating to Settings then Software update and finally Download and install.

The release of the One UI 6 Beta ZWIB update for the Galaxy S23 series underscores Samsung’s commitment to delivering a smooth and secure user experience. By addressing the WiFi connectivity issue and incorporating the latest security patch Samsung is ensuring that its users can enjoy both reliable connectivity and enhanced device security. It is recommended that eligible users take advantage of the update to maintain the optimal performance of their devices.

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