Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will come with Google Play Music by default.

Samsung has been known for building every other app as soon as Google builds for Android and the company always puts those apps as the default. In a turn of events, Samsung has announced that Google Play Music will be the default music player in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. This is due to the partnership that happened between Google Play Music and Samsung.

Google recently announced in a blog post that they have teamed up with Samsung and as a result of the partnership between them, Samsung Music is officially abondened. Meaning, there will be no Samsung Music on the new Samsung devices, instead, Samsung will use Google Play Music as its default music player.

Google Play Music is not limited to just being a music player but also is a music streaming service like Spotify and moreover, provides cloud service to store your own music. To compete with Apple Music and Spotify, the partnership between the two makes complete sense, since Samsung is the world’s largest Android smartphone maker. Google just recently released Google Play Music subscription service in India in a move to expand the services even further.

Samsung users can upload 100,000 tracks to the Google Play Music. In case you didn’t know, on the other devices Google allows users to upload only 50,000 tracks, so basically the count has doubled for Samsung users.

Not only that, to get more customers on board for the premium service, Google Play Music will offer a free three-month trial to the Samsung users, instead of a just one-month free trial.

Also worth noting is that Google has announced that Google Play Music on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be fully supported with the Bixby Assistant. Users can ask Bixby to play music and it’ll start playing on the Google Play Music instantly.

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