Samsung might bring App Lock feature with One UI 7.0

In the Android world, Samsung smartphones are well known for their security features. Some of the features are Auto Blocker, Samsung Pass, Secure Folder, and Private Share. But there’s one simple feature that’s missing, and it might be added in the next big software update, One UI 7.0.

This potential new feature could be called App Lock. Currently, it’s not available in Samsung’s latest One UI 6.0 or 6.1, but rumors suggest that might change with the arrival of One UI 7.0. The tip about this feature comes from @tarunvats33, who often shares updates about new Samsung features.

If roumers are anything to go with, in your Samsung phone’s settings under the section labeled Advanced Features, there might soon be a new option for App Lock, just below the Dual Messenger setting. Right now, in the current version, One UI 6.1, you won’t find App Lock.

Samsung might bring App Lock feature with One UI 7.0
Samsung might bring App Lock feature with One UI 7.0 | Tarun Vats on X (Twitter)

App Lock would make it easy to lock specific apps directly, offering a convenient way to protect personal apps without needing to use the more complex Secure Folder, which involves setting up separate app instances.

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But keep in mind that this update about App Lock is still not confirmed. The person sharing it has been wrong before. It’s also unclear if this feature will arrive with a smaller update or if we need to wait for the big One UI 7.0 update. For now, we just need to wait and see what happens.


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