How to Install and Run Shizuku on Non-Rooted Android devices

There are various modules that allow you to carry out different system-level tweaks on your Android device. However, most of them need administrative-level access or a rooted device. Further, some modules will also need you to execute a few ADB Commands on your PC.

Shizuku is a module that doesn’t need either of the two requirements. It’ll allow the needed third-party app to access system-level Application Programming Interfaces API.

Not just root, you won’t even have to execute any ADB Commands on PC, thanks to the Wireless Debugging feature. If you’re looking to set up and run Shizuku, then this guide will be perfect for you. In this guide, you will get to know how to get up and run Shizuku on Non-Rooted Android devices.

Steps to Install and run Shizuku on non-rooted Android devices

How to Install and Run Shizuku on Non-Rooted Android devices

  1. Go to Settings -> About Phone and then tap on the Build Number 7 times to enable Developer Options
  2. Once it is done, download and install Shizuku by going to the Play Store
  3. Launch it and then tap on Pairing Under Start through Wireless Debugging
  4. Then, you should tap on Notification Options before enabling All Notifications
  5. Return to the app and then tap on Developer Options
  6. Enable Wireless Debugging before tapping on the “Wireless Debugging” option to access its menu
  7. Select Pair Device with Pairing Code to get a six-digit code
  8. Type the six-digit code in the Shizuku prompt before hitting Enter
  9. Wait for the pairing success notification
  10. Now, return to the app’s home page and press “Start”
  11. A command window will open for three seconds and automatically get closed
  12. Once it happens, you will get “Shizuku is running” to signify that the setup is completed
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