How to Sign a Document on Your Phone or Computer

Signing a document on your phone and computer is easy if you have the right tool in hand. You can do it without any trouble if you lay your hands on a reliable tool. In this article, we will let you know how it can be done and how people sign documents on the phone and computer.

If you are looking forward to this information, then you are in the right place. Read this information till the end to find out what you need to know about it. Have a look at the below information.

Importance of eSigning Documents Online

The importance of eSign Documents Online cannot be denied by anyone. We all can do it without putting any extra effort into the work. If your primary concern is to increase your organization’s workflow, it is better to switch to e-signatures. Other business dealings are being managed through this process.

E-signatures make your life easy and stress-free. You don’t have to be physically present to ask the other party to do the signing work on the spot. This saves you from a lot of trouble and the time you spend asking your colleagues to sign the documents.

Stay where you are and save yourself from the trouble of being physically present in a particular place at a specific time. By using an e-signatory application, you can make deals not in your region but at the international level. This allows you to increase the speed of your work and do it without any trouble.

If you need to come up to the excellence level of today’s requirements, then it is better to go for electronic signatures as they save your time and the work that was long pending will be handled within a couple of minutes. Users can learn more to browse for further information as well.

We all have used paper for all our lives, but with time it is better if we move forward to better and modified ways to increase the quality of one’s work. With this app’s help, you can do your job as early as possible without any obstacles.

CocoSign as an Electronic Application

Known as popular cloud-based software, CocoSign has everything that one could ask for, check the official website here. You will not find anything better than this tool when we talk about high-quality performance and ease of usage. The device can magnify the quality of your work and enhance its productivity.

The software is best when it comes to deal with different sizes and areas of business. It doesn’t matter what size of your business needs are, CocoSign will help you with all kinds and branches of your work. This is one of the most appealing things about this app.

The tool is easy to utilize as you only need an electronic device and internet to do the work within an instant. No need to be physically present in a particular place to do the work manually as you can do everything remotely.

The activities related to the documents will be monitored in real-time, and you will get to know about everything. You will get to know about it in that instant whenever someone opens, edits, or signs the document. This will help you get to know how many people have signed the papers and who is left in line.

Make signs on a single file or go for multiple documents at a time, as it is up to you in which way you want to go. You can make arrangements for these papers the way you want to do that you can sign papers one by one or later according to your convenience.

The documents are being signed in offline mode also. You cannot have the internet all the time to do the work at all costs and situations. You can do it offline also as it will also get saved in drafts and when you get back in online mode, you can save it wherever you want it to be.

This software gives you highly-encrypted security so you can save your data at all costs. No need to be worried about getting the information leaked as it can be protected with an additional layer of passcodes and fingerprints. CocoSign is legally valid to save your energy in thinking about the legal matters of the authenticity of the papers and focus on your work.

The tool allows you to create signs the way you need to. It gives you different formats, such as Word, Excel, JPG, PDF, PNG, etc. You can also add images and text even after uploading the document. This is very convenient as users can make changes quickly without any trouble.

All those people who are looking forward to a reasonable solution then you can try this tool as it is cost-effective in range. CocoSign is offering different subscription plans so you can go for the one that suits you the best.

In the beginning, you can use the free version of it and later, when your working needs extend, then you can move towards the paid plan. This will help you in saving some amount that you can use somewhere else. The app offers numerous templates on the sites so go for what you think suits you the best. These are made according to the nature of your work.

CocoSign has a safe and secure system that can save documents for a while till they auto-expire. You can export the information to wherever you want it to be after the period or remove them from the cloud storage altogether. You can also use the app to help the audit trail know how every process or transaction works.

All the work will be done via online processing, and there is no need to do anything manually. CocoSign allows you to share the business tools with your business partners so you would be able to help in making the workflow better and your colleagues will do their side of work as early as possible.

Signing Document on your Computer or Phone

Step 1. In the start, you need to upload the document that you want to be signed into the highlighted section by dragging it down. Here it would help if you had a stable internet connection.

Step 2. Now sign your documents by using an already drawn signature. You can also delete your signatures with the help of a mouse, stylus pen, or trackpad. It would be best to let other parties know that it’s their turn to sign the documents.

Step 3. After everyone is done with the process of signing, you will get an alert, so tap on the option that says Done and download the signed document on your phone or computer for further usage if you want.


It would help if you went for CocoSign as this is one of the most reliable applications that allows you in signing the papers with 100% safety. The work will be done with complete safety as you don’t have to be worried about legal matters and security.

Try this app and enhance your workflow’s quality and make a huge difference by using this app. We hope you would love using CocoSign as it has everything that people need in a trusted application these days.

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