How to skip the God of War Intro Videos on PC

Santa Monica Studio and PlayStation PC LLC officially released God of War in January 2022 for the PC version after the tremendous success of the PlayStation version It is an action-adventure video game that achieved overwhelmingly positive reviews thanks to its amazing graphics, story mode, gameplay, and more. However, multiple players have been reporting that the intro cinematics of the game is fairly long and most of them want to know if it’s possible to skip the intro videos on PC.

Moreover, some of them also claim that the PC version of the intro scenes isn’t great compared to the console’s and the background sound quality is really poor in terms of popularity and success. The developers are addressing the graphics issues as AMD users have reported that they aren’t getting the graphics performance that they expected.

If you’re one of those players who feel the same way and want to skip the God of War intro videos, then this guide is for you. Here you’ll get to know how to get to the actual gameplay without having to wait for the intro.

How to skip the intro videos in God of War

skip the God of War Intro Videos on PC

If you’re frustrated with the initial splash screen logo and don’t want to waste time on the intro videos, you can easily skip that. To get to the game directly, you’ll need to follow these steps –

  • Open Steam and then head over to your library
  • Right-click on God of War and then click Manage
  • Select Browse local files, which will take you to the installation location of the game
  • Here, you should navigate to the following folder –
  • Here, delete or rename the following file –
  • That’s it, the next time you launch a game, you’ll automatically skip the initial intro video
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