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The best mobile games for any smartphone

Mobile games have a terrible reputation; gamers from “big” platforms treat them with disdain. They say what games can be on the phone – “three in a row” and solid runners. For all the skeptics, we have compiled a list of games worth playing on your smartphone, even if you have a full-fledged console or a computer.

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Here you will see such games as:

  • Gwent The Witcher Card Game;
  • Civilization VI;
  • This War of Mine and others.

Gwent The Witcher Card Game

Gwent is a card game in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. Back then, it was a minigame where you had to assemble your cards and fight your opponent. It was so beloved by fans that they continued to play it even after the main plot ended. The developers from CD Projekt RED listened to the gamers, and four years later, they released the second version – Gwent The Witcher Card Game.

If you have ever played collectable card games, you already understand the basic mechanics of Gwent. You and your opponent have a deck with different cards: characters, abilities and weapons. There are six factions in the game: six sets of cards. They’re all taken from the “big” video game.

The rest is business as usual: players need to score the most points and win in two of the three rounds. The winner gets the opponent’s leading card and the cash prize. You must be intelligent and tactical to build a defence and offence to win. Each card has its characteristics, so place them on the table wisely. The game is available on PC, but it is much more convenient to play with your smartphone – the control is perfectly adapted for the touch screen. And the intense and fast game is perfect for passing the time on the road.

Civilization VI

The civilization series is beloved by players around the world. The last part of the series has been unexpectedly released on smartphones and tablets. Before that, handheld devices came out with only truncated or simplified versions.

Civilization VI on iOS and Android does not differ from their “older” versions. Instead, the player takes on the role of the ruler of a small tribe, and his main task – is to create their state and bring it to prosperity. It is a turn-based “global” strategy in which the player will have to monitor the world map, build cities, create an army, fight or trade with neighbouring countries, and develop the culture and science of his state.

All this is just great to play on a smartphone. Take out your phone in the subway and make a couple of decisions of national importance right on the go – never has it been so convenient to play strategy.

The classic GTA trilogy

In 2021, the remaster of the classics from Rockstar came out: GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas. Unfortunately, it didn’t come out well, to put it mildly. The games were criticized for poor optimization, bugs, strange graphics and horrible rain effect, behind which nothing was visible. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition flopped so severely that the developers had to apologize on social media.

You don’t have to buy a copy on the “big platforms” at all. Or wait for the failed re-release to come out on smartphones. So instead, we got that rare case where it’s better to replay the classic not on the big screen or with new textures but on a smartphone, which everyone has.

The developers kept all the missions and cutscenes and had very responsive and convenient control, even on the touch screen. So you can quickly conquer Liberty City, Vice City and Los Santos for the twentieth time. Moreover, the game will only go to the most powerful devices.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Now, old fans of “Star Wars” whistle whimpering, and newcomers will be surprised – in the early 2000s, one of the best role-playing games in the famous universe was released. It was a natural gift for the fan because the game tells the story of a distant galaxy, almost 4000 years before the events described in the movies.

If gamers in 2003 had learned that Knights of the Old Republic would be playable on a bus, they would have gone crazy with joy. Unfortunately, the old games don’t work well on modern computers, but they work fine on smartphones.

It is an awesome full-fledged role-playing game by the creators of Mass Effect. The player will take part in the ancient Sith and Jedi war – and you can take either side. You can go both on the path of evil and good. It will be necessary to pump his character, make friends, participate in turn-based and space battles, and travel the galaxy. He plunges into the world of “Star Wars” with his head. It is a massive game for hundreds of hours, which should be in the pocket of a series fan.

This War of Mine

It is another game that migrated to smartphones and tablets from computers and consoles. The player controls ordinary people who live in a war-torn country. He will have to create a camp, take cover from the shelling and make forays for supplies. The game is challenging for hours on the computer, but it’s great for short sessions on the subway or bus.

This War of Mine is not an easy or fun game, but it is very entertaining. The player must constantly solve problems and make moral choices: how to divide supplies, who to let into your shelter, and how to distribute resources to have enough for everyone. Should the traitor be punished or spared? Should you plunder a neighbouring camp to feed your own? Fascinating dialogues accompany all this with the characters, each with their destiny and role in the story.

Stardew Valley

The complete opposite of the previous game, Stardew Valley is a way to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in a carefree village life. That’s literally what the story is about. The main character – tired of being a routine office clerk, decides to change his life and goes to his grandfather’s old farm.

In Stardew Valley, you need to weed, breed cattle, and build and improve your house. But there are other reasons for this game. Its main charm is the social mechanics. Other people live in the village, and the player can communicate with them, make friends, get married or open a business.

To have such a game on your phone – is a natural gift. At any moment, you can escape from the grey of everyday life in a sunny village where everyone is welcome, perform a couple of tasks, water the garden and, with renewed vigour, return to the actual routine.


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