How to Spy Snapchat for Free [Updated 2020]

Why does Snapchat stand out from all other social media platforms? Snapchat has an auto-delete feature for all messages after the sides leave the conversation. This could be a hindrance if you wish to spy on your kids or partner.

So, what is the solution? If you are wondering- how can I read the messages even after they are deleted?

Read this page to get Snapchat spy free of any restrictions and let you read the conversation! Spiyer is one solution that can let you in Snapchat texts and pictures of the targeted person’s phone. You will be able to keep an eye on their Snapchat activity by using Spyier.

Part 1: Have a Spying App Back You Up – Spyier

With a revolutionary concept and latest technology making, Spyier is an app that has made an appearance on global platforms including Mashable, BuzzFeed, Tech Advisor, and more. There are over 190 million users of this spying app from all over the world, pointing out that Spyier is a reliable and effective app.

1.1 Why We Think Spyier is the Best One

No Root or Jailbreak Required

It is worth mentioning that Spyier does not demand jailbreaking or rooting the target device; since very few providers have this feature. You will be able to track and spy on the Snapchat conversations without jailbreaking/ rooting the phone. Spyier is also expecting to bring more upgrades and modifications to their platform’s services.

Tracking Functioning Remotely

With Spyier having your back, you will not have to leave the comforts of your preferred spot. You just have to sit back in one place and continue your secretive spying activity from any remote location. Since you already have your account ready, you just have to open the dashboard and view it from the different features of the platform.

You can easily view the conversation, deleted messages, media files, and keep it stored for your future reference. By using Spyier, you can read all the received or sent messages from the device to any Snapchat user. All these messages will be supplemented with a timestamp, showing the exact time of the conversation.

Make Stealthy Moves

Spyier app and platform works in a stealth-mode, which makes the app undetectable by the target phone users. This means- your little spying venture will be safe and stay undercover. The app takes up less space and does not affect battery life or phone performance. On the other hand, the iOS version operates from the web- hence, it is untraceable as well.

Track the Password & Username

Since Spyier has a keylogger feature, accessing messages is not all you can do with its help. One can also know the username and password the target user has been functioning with. The keylogger ensures that the keystrokes made by the user on the target phone or gadget are recorded and saved.

1.2 A Perfect Solution for the Auto-message Delete Feature!

No matter if the messages have been deleted, by using Spyier you will have complete access to them. But how does Spyier do that? It’s simple. Spyier records and saves the messages, the moment they are sent or received on the device, on your account.

This means that even if the message is deleted from the target device, you will have a copy of it stored in your account. You can access this stored conversation from your Spyier dashboard. There are many other features of Spyier, let’s check them out:

  • Reading Messages

You will be able to read all outgoing or incoming messages. The record will be updated every 24 hours; however, this will depend on the frequency set by you.

  • Viewing Contacts

You can also view the contact or account the target is receiving messages from. Seeing their email address, names, display pictures, and more are made easier.

  • Downloading Files

If the conversation has pictures or videos, you can view them as well. Another feature is that you can download the files and store them at your desired location.

  • Seeing Timestamps

All chat records will be labeled with time and other information, making it easier for you to comprehend where the conversation began and stopped.

Part 2: Get Your Spyier Account Ready within Minutes!

The setup process of a Spyier account is fairly simple and quick, you can get it done in a few minutes. The only thing you would require is your smartphone or device that you will use to spy on.

Here is the process of setting up a Spyier account for spying on Snapchat:

Step 1: Create a Spyier account by entering your email ID, which will become your username for easier retention.

Step 2: Choose a Spyier Subscription plan. If you wish to keep it low key and only aim at one phone, then the Premium plan would be perfect. Although, if you wish to target more phones/ devices then go for a Corporate or Family plan.

Step 3: You will receive an email regarding the further setup process. Here, you will have to select from Android or iOS operating systems.

  1. For iOS, you will have to enter the iCloud credentials of the target device. If you are targeting an Android phone, then you might have to gain access to the phone.

  1. Then install a small 2MB app on the target phone, stick to the on-screen instructions, install the app, and hide it! Spyier will perform the syncing, which may take up to a few minutes.

Step 4: Login your Spyier account from any browser and view the dashboard. You will have a complete view of the functioning of the target device.

Step 5: Find the “Social Apps” tab here and open Snapchat from here; it is on the left panel. The Spyier Spy screen will view the Snapchat activities from here!

You may use these credentials to ensure that it is the same person you have been spying on and log in to the account yourself. Although, this isn’t a highly advised method as the user may know that someone has been logging in their account behind them. This could blow your cover.


Hence, Spyier is the best option to choose when you have to keep a track of a Snapchat account of your family member. It is a reliable, innovative, and tech-savvy way of spying on your wife/ husband or kids.

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