Stack – Unique Features of a Modern Smart Browser

A Web browser is undoubtedly one of the most often-used tools in your digital arsenal. Still, even though there are plenty of different options, today’s Web browsers are more or less the same at their very core. However, the situation is quite different when it comes to modern “smart” browsers, such as Stack.

Using Stack, you can still visit websites and surf the Internet – just like you always did. However, Stack doesn’t look and doesn’t work like a typical Web browser. Instead, it comes with a unique concept designed specifically to enhance your productivity and embrace the Internet in a whole different way. Let’s take a closer look.

Open Side-by-Side Windows

Stack – Unique Features of a Modern Smart Browser

Stack doesn’t take your device’s entire screen to show you websites. Instead, it does that in a series of vertical cards, which can be found on the same canvas. You can think of these as individual tabs – but they’re visible simultaneously, and you can scroll through them horizontally.

You are free to open as many cards as you want, and you can change their size at any moment. That’s how you can interact with multiple websites (or Web apps) – at the same time, which is something that no other Web browser lets you do.

This feature also presents one of the most significant leaps in Web browsers’ evolution, and it comes from none other than Stack.

Login to Multiple Online Accounts at the Same Time

Previously, we told you how Stack uses individual cards to present websites. However, we didn’t tell you that each of those cards is independent. In other words, you are free to open as many instances of the same website as you want. And also, you can interact with all of those at once.

That’s precisely how you can manage and access multiple Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Facebook, or Pinterest accounts. Of course, Stack is not limited to what Web apps you can open, as it works with any website out there.

Create (And Share) Workspaces

Let’s say that you have a group of favorite news websites and that you use your Web browser for social media and productivity. Using Stack, you can create workspaces that combine similar cards. That’s how you can have a workspace for social media, your favorite news websites, and your daily used productivity tools.

As you click through your workspaces, you cycle between groups of similar websites. These groups are always only a click away, you’re free to create new ones at any moment, and you can even share them with your friends and colleagues.

Of course, the list of Stack’s innovative features doesn’t stop here – and there’s plenty more to explore. So, make sure your next Web destination to be

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