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The Internet is an eternal source of dopamine and is just a click away. No wonder it’s so hard to focus on work. Fortunately, tons of apps can help you block distracting sites and social media or set a schedule to view them. We are talking about the best programs for concentration and increasing productivity. The greatest minds of our generation are working around the clock to increase Internet users’ engagement (in other words, to do everything so that we spend all our free time watching and liking social media feed, commenting, and so on). It is almost impossible to resist it. Therefore, there is nothing shameful about using special tools that help you become more disciplined.

Freedom as the most famous online study tools

Most blockers only work on one device. Freedom limits access to distracting sites and programs on all gadgets simultaneously. To do this, configure the list of prohibited resources and start or schedule a session. That is, you can close access to social networks but at the same time leave sites with essay examples and productive websites for students.

By the way, such sites with essays on any topic, for instance, about volunteer experience, can also become the motivation for work. When any student reads a volunteer experience essay, he sees how people work and are motivated for productivity. The application has a lockdown mode. That is, the list cannot be edited during the session. It can also include unique audio tracks for concentration, such as background noise from a coffee shop or nature sounds.


It’s not just a blocker: it’s a performance system built around periods of deep concentration. The user also needs to prepare a list of distracting sites and apps. But that’s not all. The program is built around planning the day. It is necessary to indicate how many things need to be done and how much time it takes. Then press the Go Serene button and start the timer.

After that, all distractions will be blocked, background music will play, and the app will remind you that it’s time to focus. Every time you try to open a banned site, you will see a countdown timer message.

All these elements work well together – the service is not just blocked, but also reminds the user of what he would like to achieve.


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It is one of the productivity tools for students, which helps them not to waste time on the phone. It works simply: upon launch. The user plants a tree. After that, the gadget should be put aside for 25 minutes. If you run another program, the tree will die. Over time, the user already has a whole forest growing — a reminder of the saved time. Forest cooperates with the Trees for the Future foundation, and if you pay a subscription, funds will be transferred to plant real trees during the concentration.

There’s also a Chrome extension that lets you grow trees on your computer. It works approximately the same as the rest of the services on the list but allows you to open sites from the stop list. However, an ominous message appears: “This could kill your sweet little tree.” And after some time, it will happen. Yes, this is manipulation, but it allows you to manage your time wisely.

The application has a wide range of functionality for working with individual tasks: tags, reminders, sub-tasks, attachments, and more. There is an opportunity to prioritize tasks to avoid forgetting the most important things during the day. There are also functions for sharing lessons with colleagues.

A unique motivating feature of Focus stands out. By completing the tasks, the user will grow a virtual Christmas tree, but if one of them is assumed, the tree will be destroyed. The features of the program include a list of purchases. The paid version includes:

  • Regular tasks;
  • Attachments of any volume;
  • Visual themes;
  • Color tags and shortcuts;
  • Reminders that trigger in a certain location;


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One of the simplest planners presented, but it is no less valuable. In the application, you can set tasks for several months ahead in the calendar, share them with colleagues, transfer them to other dates and copy them. That’s all the accessible app version has to offer, but even this is enough to set yourself tasks and monitor their implementation. In the paid version, studies, widgets, themes, and message repetitions appear in synchronization.


One of the main problems of modern times is the distribution of working time. After all, there are not many tasks, and the deadline is still so far away. Without time management, it can become a severe obstacle in developing a professional. Many factors can prevent us from concentrating and make us unproductive. But the Internet can benefit if you use study tools for college students that will allow you to do your work better.

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