Summoners War Monster Tier List (July – 2022)

Summoners War is a popular action role-playing game that came out in 2014. In the game, you’ll be in a fantasy world where you’ll need to play the role of a monster and fight for your survival. You’ll need to collect necessary things for your survival while there will be other monsters present and you should battle them.

There are over 1,000 monsters present in the Summoners War. You’ll need to pick the best team out of the list. Every monster will possess a unique skill set to fight the battle against other monsters. This will be more of a strategic battle. You’ll need to make a full strategy for your team and it’ll affect the result of the battle. Interestingly, you can play the game with your friends in multiplayer mode. You can also add up to 3 friends to kill the enemy monsters and their bosses after forming a team.

Monster Tier List for Summoners War

In this guide, you’ll get to know about the different tiers of monsters in the game.

Tier S

  • Antares (Fire Lich)
  • Ganymede (Wind Fairy King)
  • Fran (Light Fairy Queen)
  • Pater (Dark Druid)
  • Hathor (Wind Desert Queen)
  • Giana (Dark Oracle)
  • Josephine (Water Paladin)
  • Shi Hou (Water Monkey King)
  • Ragdoll (Dark Dragon Knight)
  • Vanessa (Fire Valkyrja)
  • Vivachel (Dark Harp Magician)
  • Tiana (Wind Polar Queen)
  • Yeonhong (Light Sky Dancer)
  • Verdehile (Fire Vampire)

Tier A

  • Aegir (Water Barbaric King)
  • Amelia (Water Unicorn)
  • Akroma (Light Valkyrja)
  • Bolverk (Water Lightning Emperor)
  • Bastet (Water Desert Queen)
  • Celia (Light Harp Magician)
  • Diana (Wind Unicorn)
  • Daphnis (Fire Fairy King)
  • Ethan (Wind Hell Lady)
  • Elenoa (Light Polar Queen)
  • Garo (Fire Ninja)
  • Isis (Light Desert Queen)
  • Icares (Dark Sylphid)
  • Juno (Fire Oracle)
  • Julianne (Light Vampire)
  • Jamire (Wind Dragon)
  • Leo (Wind Dragon Knight)
  • Mo Long (Water Panda Warrior)
  • Nicki (Dark Occult Girl)
  • Nephthys (Dark Desert Queen)
  • Odin (Wind Lighting Emperor)
  • Oberon (Light Fairy King)
  • Okeanons (Fire Sea Emperor)
  • Perna (Fire Phoenix)
  • Seara (Wind Oracle)
  • Tian Lang (Light Panda Warrior)
  • Taranys (Wind Druid)
  • Velajuel (Fire Archangel)
  • Woosa (Water Pioneer)

Summoners War Monster Tier List (July – 2022)

Tier B

  • Amdaut (Dark Horus)
  • Betta (Dark Mermaid)
  • Chilling (Water Jack-o-lantern)
  • Chiwu (Fire Pioneer)
  • Craka (Dark Hell Lady)
  • Eleanor (Light Unicorn)
  • Feng Yan (Wind Panda Warrior)
  • Frigate (Dark Pirate Captain)
  • Gemini (Light Brownie Magician)
  • Helena (Fire Unicorn)
  • Jeanne (Light Paladin)
  • Lydia (Dark Polar Queen)
  • Psamathe (Water Fairy King)
  • Qitiang Dasheng (Light Monkey King)
  • Racuni (Fire Harg)
  • Rahul (Dark Beast Monk)
  • Raki (Fire Hell Lady)
  • Rica (Fire Occult Girl)
  • Sekhmet (Fire Desert Queen)
  • Tablo (Light Dice Magician)
  • Tesarion (Fire Ifrit)
  • Tetra (Water Mermaid)
  • Triton (Wind Sea Emperor)
  • Verad (Water Dragon)
  • Valantis (Light Druid)
  • Wedjat (Light Horus)
  • Xing Zhe (Wind Monkey King)
  • Zeratu (Dark Chimera)

Tier C

  • Amarna (Light Anubis)
  • Anavel (Water Occult Girl)
  • Avaris (Water Anubis)
  • Bernard (Wind Griffon)
  • Bulldozer (Fire Frankenstein)
  • Copper (Wind Living Armor)
  • Chow (Water Dragon Knight)
  • Fermion (Dark Archangel)
  • Harmonia (Fire Harp Magician)
  • Hwadam (Light Taoist)
  • Imesety (Wind Horus)
  • Iris (Light Magic Knight)
  • Jager (Light Dragon Knight)
  • Izaria (Water Succubus)
  • Jagmaron (Wind Chimera)
  • Laima (Light Oracle)
  • Leona (Dark Paladin)
  • Lushen (Wind Joker)
  • Mei Hou Wang (Fire Monkey King)
  • Mi Ying (Dark Panda Warrior)
  • Ophilia (Fire Paladin)
  • Mihyang (Water Sky Dancer)
  • Orion (Water Brownie Magician)
  • Trinity (Dark Valkyrja)
  • Rakan (Fire Chimera)
  • Wolyung (Dark Sky Dancer)

Tier D

  • Alicia (Water Polar Queen)
  • Beth (Water Hell Lady)
  • Chasun (Wind Sky Dancer)
  • Camillia (Water Valkyrja)
  • Chloe (Fire Epikion Priest)
  • Eladriel (Wind Archangel)
  • Han (Dark Ninja)
  • Galleon (Water Pirate Captain)
  • Jaara (Dark Phoenix)
  • Kabilla (Light Harpy)
  • Laika (Fire Dragon Knight)
  • Louise (Wind Paladin)
  • Manannan (Dark Sea Emperor)
  • Pontos (Light Sea Emperor)
  • Nigong (Light Pioneer)
  • Poseidon (Water Sea Emperor)
  • Theomars (Water Ifrit)
  • Pungbaek (Wind Pioneer)
  • Woonsa (Dark Pioneer)
  • Zaiross (Fire Dragon)
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