The Best Phones for Gaming

A Smart Way to Game: Top Phones for Gaming

With smartphones almost entirely replacing handheld gaming consoles, many people are looking for the best gaming phone. The App Store and Google Play Store features a vast and expanding collection of games which are best played phones with fantastic screens and plenty of power. In many ways, consoles like the Nintendo Switch are superior, but they won’t fit in your pocket and aren’t always convenient to carry around.

When it comes to smartphones, there are factors other than raw processing power to consider if you want an optimised mobile gaming phone, however, this is undoubtedly important.

The most advanced gaming phones are technological marvels. To create truly immersive experiences, the finest ones mix super-fast silicon with streamlined software and optimised operating systems. They combine all of our favourite qualities: design, engineering, and innovation – and because games demand so much from your phone, you can rest assured that your new gaming phone will also perform well in everyday tasks.

We’ve included all of the superb smartphones below, ordered from best to worst, with gaming-specific devices at the top and ordinary handsets that are also ideal for gaming further down.

Razer Phone 2 –

When it comes to gaming, Razer knows what it’s doing, and it’s followed up the outstanding Razer Phone with an even more impressive Razer Phone 2. The screen is brighter, the speakers are louder, and there’s more power under the hood to push those frame rates on the Android platform’s most demanding games. The 5.7-inch display is super-sharp with a resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 pixels and a 513 pixels-per-inch pixel density, and with a 120Hz refresh rate, you shouldn’t miss any of the action. Thanks to an enhanced cooling system inside the chassis, the Snapdragon 845 engine and 8GB of RAM can get to work without the phone overheating.

The increased IP67 water resistance and dual-lens 12MP+12MP back-facing camera on the Razer Phone 2 may not be significant features for gamers. Nonetheless, the Razer Phone 2 will work brilliantly as a standard smartphone. This is the most wonderful gaming phone for the majority of people, created by gamers for gamers.

Asus ROG 5 –

The Asus ROG 5 was built and promoted particularly for gamers. With a 6,000mAh battery and top-of-the-line hardware, including a Snapdragon 888 processor, a 144Hz refresh rate screen, up to 512GB of storage, and up to 18GB of RAM, this phone is one of the most powerful on the market. Did we mention there’s a jack for headphones?

This year, the Asus ROG Phone 5, ROG Phone 5 Pro, and ROG Phone 5 Ultimate are the three models available. All three (Air Triggers 5) have identical front screen and shoulder buttons, with modest spec changes as you go up the ladder. The back of the Pro and Ultimate models differ as well, with an extra screen and two more touch sensors.

Similar to previous generations, the ROG Phone 5 comes with a variety of mobile gaming accessories to enhance the smartphone gaming experience. You can expect an Aeroactive Cooler, RGB cases, mobile phone gaming clips, port extender docks, and more. The Aeroactive Cooler is included with the Pro and Ultimate models, while the rest must be purchased separately.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra –

When shopping for one of the finest gaming phones, you’ll want to make sure it’s also a phone that can do well in other areas. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra isn’t afraid to take risks. Games have never looked better on a cell phone, thanks to a stunning full-screen 6.9-inch display that now runs at an adaptive 120Hz. FPS games become a lot more enjoyable, as your thumbs don’t take up so much screen real estate. Meanwhile, minor software adjustments improve battery life and allow the phone to run cooler than most competitors when playing graphically taxing games on high settings.

You want your phone to be a top performer in terms of streaming, photography, videography, social networking, and everything else if you’re going to spend this much money on it. Fortunately, the Note 20 Ultra outperforms the competition. The camera has a massive 50x zoom, which is only surpassed by the S20 Ultra’s 100x zoom (but we’re fine with 50x because photo quality decreases and the phone overheats at that level). For close-up shots, a 108MP camera is featured, producing highly detailed images. The iPhone 11 Pro’s Night Mode comes close to matching that of the iPhone 11 Pro.

We also like the S-Pen Stylus for taking notes (it can even translate your handwriting to editable text), playing match-3 games, and turn-based RPGs, as well as utilising it as a shutter button when shooting photos. If you fancy something new, we recommend using the pre-installed Penup software, which offers a wide choice of tools and user-friendly interactive tutorials, making it ideal for both experienced artists and complete beginners. Doodling is a terrific way to pass the time thanks to the sizeable canvas-like display and greatly improved stylus latency (there’s almost none now).

There you have it! Some of the best phones for gaming are currently on the market. These are great options to factor if you’re on the hunt for a smartphone with phenomenal features that will enhance your gameplay.

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