The Best Tessan Surge Protector Power Strip

A surge protector is likely to be one of the typical pieces of equipment you purchase when assembling a computer system. They have one clear purpose: to enable you to plug several components into a single power outlet. Surge protectors are practical tools with a variety of parts that make up a computer system.

However, the other purpose of a surge protector power strip—protecting your computer’s electronics from power surges—is far more crucial. So how do they function, and when do you need them? How can you tell if the one you now possess is of high quality? Read on to find out more.

What Is A Surge Protector?

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An electrical device known as a surge protector shields electronic equipment from power surges and voltage spikes while preventing voltage from exceeding a safe threshold (approximately 120 V). A surge protector shorts to ground voltage or blocks the voltage when a threshold is exceeded by 120V. Anything beyond 120V can cause component problems without a surge protector, including irreversible damage, shortened internal device lifespans, burned wires, and data loss.

In communications infrastructure, process control systems, power distribution panels, and other significant industrialized systems, surge protectors are typically installed. Smaller versions are generally installed in houses and office buildings’ electrical service entrances.

A voltage spike is a brief increase in voltage intensity that happens when a surge lasts longer. Sometimes confused with surge protectors, power strips employ male electrical plug outlets and may or may not include a surge protector. The majority of power strips have clear labels.

Contrary to popular belief, a surge protector power strip does not always provide protection from lightning, which can produce abruptly increased electrical pressure (thousands of volts or greater). Surge protectors typically operate with a small delay, but during a lightning surge, a surge protector fuse may blow and shut off all current.

Components and features of surge protectors include:

  • A transformer with an iron core can transfer alternating current (AC), but it cannot withstand sudden surges.
  • A transient voltage suppression diode is sometimes used in conjunction with a Zener diode to provide protection against common circuit spikes.
  • A surge protector offers internal protection and guards against device and external surges in the event that a circuit breaker trips or a fuse blows.
  • Using a low pass filter, an uninterruptible power supply captures spikes and permits external power beyond the battery, which provides uninterrupted power.
  • Three to four times the voltage of a regular current is limited by a metal oxide varistor (MOV), which is thermally fused. MOV connections, in comparison, increase current capacity and life expectancy. MOVs may self-destruct if they are subjected to numerous small or large transients.

How Does It Work?

Protecting electrical equipment from “surges” is the primary function of a surge protector system. A spike in voltage in an electrical flow that is noticeably higher than the specified level is known as a power surge or transient voltage. The standard voltage in conventional American homes and business wiring is 120 volts. An issue arises if the voltage climbs above 120 volts, and a surge protector helps stop surges from breaking your equipment.

It helps to have some knowledge about voltage in order to comprehend the issue. A variation in electric potential energy is quantified by voltage. Because there is more electric potential energy on one end of the line than on the other, electric current flows from one point to another.

The same type of concept that causes water to flow out of a hose applies here: water is forced toward a location of lower pressure by higher pressure at one end of the hose. Voltage can be viewed as a representation of electrical pressure.

The Best Power Strip Surge Protector

Here are the best power strip surge protectors:

Tessan 9-Outlet/4 USB Tower Surge Protector Power Strip

With the help of this 9-Outlet/4 USB Tower Surge Protector Power Strip from Tessan, you can power and recharge your gadgets at home or at the workplace. Three AC outlets are provided on each side of the four-sided tower, for a total of nine outlets. Four USB Type-A charging connections for various mobile devices are on the fourth side. Your electronics may receive up to 1250W of combined power from the AC outlets, while each of the four USB ports can deliver 5V/4.5A.

This tower power strip was created with safety for the gadgets, appliances, and devices in mind. You receive about 900 joules of surge protection as well as over-current, short-circuit, and overload protection. Additionally, ABS plastic and high-temperature/flame-resistant materials are used to construct the tower itself.


  • AC outlets may support large plugs.
  • Secure base with non-slip feet.
  • Long power cable (6’).
  • LED USB port power indicators.
  • All AC outlets and USB ports are controlled by one power button.
  • 100-250 VAC (Up to 1250W at 125V, Up to 2500W at 250V).
  • There are two pairs of USB ports; one supports power up to 5V/2.4A and the other up to 5V/1.0A.

TESSAN Power Strip with Surge Protector, 12 AC Outlets, and 3 USB Ports

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With the Tessan Multi-Plug Power Strip Extension Surge Protector, you can charge anything you need at once without having to argue with family members about who gets to recharge their phone first. Three USB charging ports and 12 AC outlets are included in the design of this surge protector power strip. Up to 15 electronic devices can be safely charged at once thanks to the wide distance between the outlets, which prevents chargers from getting in each other’s way.

The heavy-duty extension cord is 6 feet long power strip surge protector and can handle 1875 watts of power. The best safety for your devices is provided by this extended power strip, which prevents power surges, spikes, and a circuit overload with a 1700 Joule surge. Because the flat plug extension cord fits power heads easily, the power strip’s space-saving design allows you to save room.

Slip this extension cord underneath workbenches, counters, and desks, or place it on the wall because it has four mounting holes on the back and is made to be flexible. With the TESSAN Multi-Plug Power Strip Extension Cord, you can easily stay organized while charging your gadgets.


  • Surge protector power strip has 3 USB charging connections in addition to 12 AC outlets.
  • Outlets are spaced widely apart to avoid charges from obstructing one another.
  • 1875 Watts of total power are supported by a powerful extension cord.
  • Protect your gadgets from power spikes and surges with 1700 Joules of surge protection.
  • Mount on walls or place it anywhere thanks to its versatility and 6 feet extension with four keyholes on the rear.
  • Circuit overloads, overcurrent, and overvoltage are all prevented by an integrated circuit breaker.
  • 1700 Joules is the maximum surge.

Cruise Ship Power Strip 6 FT Extension Cord Flat Plug With 9 Outlets 3 USB Ports

This power outlet extension has 3 USB ports and 9 AC outlets. Small electronic items, including fans, humidifiers, lights, cell phones, and other devices, fit into the 2-prong outlets. In addition, 3-prong outlets are used for grounded plug products such as laptops, TVs, audio equipment, etc. You can utilize all of the outlets in a fair manner with this indoor power strip. It occupies very little room on your desk or the floor. This outlet strip will help you keep your desktop more organized.


  • Space Saving Layout

The power strip’s layout will include three times as many outlets as conventional ones, and the widely spaced outlets are far enough apart to accommodate large plugs without obstructing one another. Compact dimensions and no surge protection make it the perfect choice for increasing your power at home, on a boat, and in the office.

  • On and Off Overload Protection

The extension cord’s built-in circuit breaker is specifically designed to turn off the current to your unit should it exceed the maximum amperage limit, protecting it from overheating and igniting. The dependable overload switch will trip off instantly to safeguard your connected gadgets and your house if they exceed the unit’s maximum threshold or become too hot.

  • Rubber Feet and Wall Mounts

Keyhole holes on the back of the USB extension cord make it simple to mount it to a desk, wall, or counter. Simply install your power strip where you need it most to create a solid foundation for your centralized powering station. Additionally, it sits on any ground without flopping or slipping off, thanks to the rubber feet.

  • Flat Plug Power StripFlat Plug Power Strip

The power cord may easily fit behind a wardrobe, sofa, or other pieces of furniture thanks to the flat plug’s space-saving form, which enables it to rest close to the wall. When using the top plug of a typical household outlet, the right angle is very helpful to avoid covering the plug below.

  • 6ft Extension Cord Power Strip

The wire is 18-gauge and flexible enough to extend entirely with ease. The difficult-to-reach area is easily accessible with the 6-foot extension cord. With few power outlets, this power hub is appropriate for some hotels, offices, kitchens, bedrooms, or dorm rooms.

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