The latest update of Gboard to come with support for a lot of amazing features

Gboard 6.2 version Released with support for a lot of amazing features: The latest version of Gboard has been released by Google after much wait. The Gboard 6.2 version comes with some seriously good features which the users have been wanting for quite some time. The latest update brings support for features like cut/copy/paste buttons, cursor control, adjustable keyboard dimension controls and many more.

Through the APK teardown of this latest update, we came to know that the Gboard app will also be providing standalone handwriting support soon without the need of Google Handwriting Input app.Some of the new features are given below:

  • Cursor Control and Text Editing Buttons

The latest update of Gboard brings you the long-awaited keyboard cursor as well as the cut//copy/paste buttons. Whenever the keyboard displays in text fields and you tap on the Google logo on the Gboard app, a new icon will appear in the middle of the top row which looks just like the text input cursor with two arrows to its sides. If you will tap on this button,

Gboard 6.2 version Released with support for a lot of amazing features

You will see a new screen with a variety of additions to the keyboard.

  • Adjustable Size

Other than the major additions mentioned above, there are a lot more features to further customize the position and size of the keyboard. If you will click on the menu which allows you to move the keyboard, you will find a new button at the bottom which will allow you to adjust the size of the keyboard. The middle curser can be used to move the position of your keyboard while the four rectangles located at the corners can be used for expanding and shrinking the size of keyboard. Once the position is selected, you can tap on the checkmark to fix the keyboard at that position.

  • Handwriting Support

In this app, few evidences were found which lead to the theory that the future updates of Gboard might come with keyboard handwriting support. This does not come as a huge surprise as Google has already released a similar handwriting input method app which is available on Play Store. Google is trying to merge its input methods into a single keyboard which will be of immense help to all of its users. Google has received lot of feedback from the users and is busy improving the handwriting recognition algorithm of this app.


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