Know the Tier List for Roblox King Legacy Fruits in 2022

The Roblox King Legacy Fruits Tier List is an important thing for Roblox players. This tier list will give you the proper ranking of all the Devil Fruits, from the best ones to the worst ones. If you’re a novice and you’re just starting out the game, you can use it for choosing the best and strongest characters.

Roblox Kings Legacy Fruits Tier List in 2022

The fruits have been divided into three classes and each of those classes comes with its unique skills, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. The three classes will be as follows –

  • Logia – This class will provide immunity to your character against normal attacks
  • Zoan – This class will modify your chosen characters into characters that will look like beasts
  • Paramecia – This one will upgrade your chosen character.

You can get the Devil Fruits in the game using three different methods –

  • Purchasing it from the Black Market
  • Random Spawn in the game
  • Gacha System

Know the Devil Fruits, their rank, and their type in the Tier List 2022

Here, you will also get to know the names of the devil fruits, their rank, and their type. S will be the most powerful character while F will be the least powerful one. Depending upon your gaming style, you won’t find any character to be completely bad.

Know the Tier List for Roblox King Legacy Fruits

Devil Fruit (Rank) – Type

  • Dark (A) – Rare
  • Gravity (A) – Rare
  • Snow (A) – Rare
  • Quake (A) – Rare
  • Gum (B) – Common
  • Allo (B) – Rare
  • Magma (B) – Rare
  • Love (B) – Uncommon
  • Phoenix (B) – Rare
  • String (B) – Rare
  • Ice (C) – Uncommon
  • Flame (C) – Rare
  • San (C) – Uncommon
  • Shadow (C) – Uncommon
  • Light (C) – Rare
  • Paw (D) – Common
  • Barrier (D) – Uncommon
  • Venom (D) – Rare
  • Human (D) – Common
  • Giraffe (F) – Common
  • Bomb (F) – Common
  • Buddha (F) – Common
  • Wolf (F) – Common
  • Leopard (F) – Common
  • Op (S) – Legendary
  • Dough (S) – Legendary
  • Rumble (S) – Rare
  • Dragon (S) – Legendary
  • Spino (S) –Legendary
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