Tier List of all DMZ Keys in Warzone 2 DMZ

With the Call of Duty Warzone 2 DMZ, the expectations are quite high. There have been numerous changes in the game as the developers have looked to improve the game. However, there are certain hidden doors and locks that you might not be able to open in the game and for that, you’ll require a key. Here is a tier list of DMZ keys in Warzone 2 DMZ.

DMZ Keys in Warzone 2 DMZ – All Tier list

Tier List of all DMZ Keys in Warzone 2 DMZ

Warzone 2 DMZ S Tier Keys

The S-tier DMZ keys are full of rewards and when you get them, you will need to use them to get the maximum out of the key. Here are the key names with their coordinates –

  • Drifting Supply Bag (D2) – This Jey holds $75,000 dollars cash that you could get by selling the three Japanese masks.
  • Waterlogged Bag (E4) – Once you have this key, you’ll be able to get 16,000 dollars cash or get a gold bar.
  • Research Center Room (E5) – Once you get to the Research Center Room Key, you’ll be able to get four oranges supply crates and Armor vests.
  • Floatsam Cargo Cache (E5) – The Floatsam Cargo Cache key full of rewards once you get this key you can use it to get 16,000 dollars in rewards or a Gold bar. You’ll require a new DMZ key from this key.
  • Tsuki Castle Weapon Locker (G5) – Once you get the Castle Weapon Locker key, you could use it for unlocking the 3 separate lockers filled with Weapons and attachments.
  • HMS Shipwreck Cache (I5) – Once you get to the HMS Shipwreck Cache you acquire the keys, you’ll be able to get 12,000 dollars in Gold Skull and another DMZ key.

Warzone 2 DMZ A Tier Keys

The DMZ keys present in the A-tier are quite rewarding but they aren’t as valued as the S-tier keys. However, you can still expect a bit of gold and cache including the armored vests.

  • Hotel Employee Fridge (F5) – The Hotel Employee Fridge Key will give you three weapons that are equipped with attachments.
  • Lost Room 403 (F6) – Once you have the keys to the Lost Room 403, you’ll get Orange supply crates, cash, and the Armored vests.
  • City Hall Hideout (F6) – You’ll get multiple Orange Supply Crates here once you have the City Hall Hideout.
  • Beach Club Bathhouse (E7) – With the key to the Beach Club Bathhouse, you’ll be able to get a decent amount of cash here and a bit of floor loot with orange supply crates.
  • Main Harbor Control (H6) – If you have the keys to the Main Harbor Control, you can get a room full of Duffle Bags and an orange supply crate.
  • Rusted Fridge (F8) – The Rusted Fridge isn’t that rewarding but you can still get three fully equipped weapons with the key.
  • Mud-Covered Cache (G5) – The Mud-Covered Cache key will give you 16,000 dollars and 2 DMZ keys in reward.
  • Combat Engineer Toolkit (F4) – Combat Engineer Toolkit provides a pistol with four attachments and cash of up to 8,000 dollars worth of documents.

Warzone 2 DMZ B Tier Keys

The B-tier DMZ keys don’t hold that many rewards, you can still get something in return –

  • Water Pump Control (F3) – The Water Pump Control key has a bit of valuable loot, including the Drifting Supply bag
  • Waterway Maintenance Kit (F5) – Waterway Maintenance Kit keys can give you Self Revive kit and a few Killstreaks.
  • Lost Manager Office (G6) – Once you get the Lost Manager Office key, you can get one orange supply crate and a large duffle bag.

Warzone 2 DMZ C Tier Keys

The DMZ keys in the C-tier aren’t entirely useless. The keys don’t hold many rewards but you can expect some cash when you use these keys.

  • Farmer’s Lunchbox (D4) – The key isn’t worth that much but you can get a pistol with some goods.
  • Ashika Island Information Booth (D5) – This key holds 5,000 dollars of cash.
  • Tsuki Castle Hideout (G5) – The Tsuki Castle Hideout key can be used for unlocking the Tsuki castle.
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