Top 10 Coool & Special Baby Boy Names That Start with M

A name isolates a person from everyone and provides a good sense of identity and personality! As a name stays with your baby boy forever, you should be picking out a top-notch name.

Are you going to be parents-to-be?

Naming your kiddo is a significant decision to be made! So, start searching for a unique baby name for your newborn as it is seriously a tedious task. What alphabetical preference do you have? If it’s ‘M’, read ahead.

Coolest Baby Boys Names from M

With little research, modern parents can opt for an appropriate name for their bundle of joy. The coool & special baby boy names starting with M are on the high priority of the baby naming letters. Or, they may just explore the super-vast names directory, CocoFinder.

If you have been looking for a name with an M letter, you have visited the correct place. CocoFinder provides you with tons of notable baby boy names for your convenience.

Let’s look at the top 10 baby names!


The baby boy name ‘Matthew’ is exceptionally trendy and dearest, and therefore, ranked 35th on the popularity list. In Hebrew, ‘Matthew’ means ‘the gift of god,’ and it has a biblical touch! So, as per the Old Testament, the name belonged to the 12 apostles and a saint’s name.

Besides, the actor Matthew McConaughey named his baby boy Levi in 2008. Therefore, its powerful variants include ‘Matias,’ ‘Mateo,’ and ‘Matthias.’


If you are nonconformist parents, then you can only give their baby boy this eye-catching, distinctive, and dulcet name, ‘Maverick.’ This name holds the meaning of ‘an independent man who evades conformity.’

That’s why it became an absolute preference for American parents. Moreover, such a name will indeed help mold a boy’s characteristics, encouraging him to be independent and someone who will never follow mass.

You must have heard of Bassist Maverick Burnett, the Motorcycle Racer Maverick Vinales, and the TikTok star Maverick LaRue.


The name ‘Malcolm’ is one of the coool & special baby boy names starting with M, which means ‘devotee of St. Columba.’ Despite its Scottish origin, every parent of the European countries prefers this one!

So, ‘Malcolm’ is a welcoming, delicate, and warm Scottish term that fits in the golden name’s circles, which are not at all odd, but distinctive. Apart from its aristocracy, this name belongs to a hero, such as radical civil rights fighter Malcolm X.

If you want to know the current bearer of this name, the famous celebrity actor Malcolm McDowell wins our heart by his acting skill.


Marcus is a coool & special baby boy, named M, usually pronounced as ‘MAR-kus.’ Its powerful Latin origin showcased the meaning of this name as ‘devoted to Mars.’

Furthermore, in Roman Mythology, Mars is the powerful god of fertility, for whom the month of spring calendar ‘March’ was named. However, it also became targeted with the Greek Ares, a potent god of war.

Lastly, ‘Marcus’ ranked 401st in the popularity list and preferred by every American parent.


It’s been a considerable journey for ‘Myles’ to achieve some reliability. It is a slight variation of the Germanic name ‘Milo.’ However, it was arrived in England by the Normans as Miles. So, despite its ranking 265th as the most fantastic baby boy name, ‘Myles’ means ‘soldier.’

Well, it didn’t get recognition until the 1970s but touched the preference summit after a decade. So, such an impeccable name with a catchy meaning became everyone’s choice when it comes to choosing a boy’s name that starts with the letter M.


As per the Scotland and Ireland tradition, Mc and Mac indicate the meaning of ‘the son of.’ Therefore, the name is mainly a generic fella or a diminutive form and cooler than Max or Matt.

Despite its significance as a first name, Mac can also be used as a last name or a nickname, for example, McCoy or McCalister. Your baby boy will absolutely love your choice! In case you want a fuller or a complete name, you can spell it ‘Mack.’


In Spanish, ‘Marco’ is a powerful boy’s name, and as per Italian origin, it means ‘warlike.’ However, ‘Marco’ is a top-notch Latin classic, simple, and universal term, which would make a zestful namesake for an Uncle Mark.

Moreover, the Roman God ‘Mark’ is often denoted as ‘Marco.’ You should have heard of the eminent 13th-century veteran merchant-traveler Marco Polo. And Eugene O’Neill penned down a play named ‘Marco Millions,’ based on Marco Polo’s life. However, some recent notable personalities are Marco Andretti and Marco Rubio.


‘Mason’ is one of the coool & notable baby boy names starting with M, which means ‘worker in stone.’ It is also a top-notch occupational surname, which has been becoming famous for numerous years.

‘Mason’ is the mega-popular name and achieved 2nd ranking in 2011, and sustained its charm from then. This name has received significant media attention and admiration since Kourtney Kardashian selected it for her handsome boy in 2009.

On top of that, various other celebrities have chosen it; one of them is Mason Lockwood from the Vampire Diaries.


If you are about to deliver your handsome baby boy, choosing ‘Memphis’ for him will surely showcase his enduring and attractive characteristics. It also belonged to an ancient place name from Egypt, where countless pyramids were built.

Nowadays, it has become a more unisex name! However, it is a more common and memorable name for boys than girls.


With the omnipresent Max heard at every corner of the world, this Spanish variation of Maximus would be an excellent fit for your baby boy! ‘Maximo’ has recently stepped into the top 1000 most excellent baby boy names in the 21st century.

Concluding words

The letter ‘M’ represents practical, handsome, hardworking, loyal, and dependable traits; therefore, all these are the best examples of such characteristics.

So, choosing any of the baby names mentioned above will show a robust character regarding tradition and morality. It is hoped that it helps you pick out a remarkable one as per your preference!

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