Top 10 Best Lightweight Games for Android In 2017

Playing games on Android has evolved immensely since the first Android phone came into the market way back in 2008. Although high-end games can be played on High-end devices, it is very difficult to play these games on low-end devices. There are plenty of lightweight games that can be played and enjoyed by owners of low-end devices. Below are a few lightweight games that can be played on Android phones.

So without wasting any time check out RMG’s list of Top 10 Best Lightweight Games for Android in 2017.These games are not in any particular order.


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This is a game which allows you to match colors. In this game, four or more squares of the same color have to be matched. The colored square is removed and the grid is emptied. The goal is to stop the grid from filling up for the longest time. Players can have a lot of fun playing this game.

[appbox googleplay me.kiip.skeemo]

Flow Free Bridges

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In this popular game, you have to connect the same colors by using a pipe. Avoid the pipes from crossing each other because if they do they will break. You have to use the bridge to pass one pipe over another. The level of difficulty varies from easy to hard.

[appbox googleplay com.bigduckgames.flowbridges]


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Gyro is a simple game. In this game, a three colored spinner which is in the middle of the screen has to be controlled in such a way that the color balls flying on the screen enter the matching color part of the spinner in the middle.

[appbox googleplay pl.submachine.gyro]

Flappy Bird

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This is a popular and addictive game. You have to keep tapping the screen to make the bird fly as long as possible in such a way that the bird doesn’t get killed.

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Chain Reaction

This is one of the best lightweight games which helps you kill time. In this game, you have to gain control of the board by diminishing the orbs of the opponent. Each player takes his turn to place his orb in a cell.

[appbox googleplay com.BuddyMattEnt.ChainReaction]

Voxel Invaders

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This game is a retro space shooter which uses a 3D take on classic space invaders. This has many amazing levels where you have to defeat the army of incoming aliens. It has many interesting levels of difficulty, is easy to play and can get you absorbed easily into the game.

[appbox googleplay com.noctuasoftware.voxelinvaders_demo]

Pixel Dungeon

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Pixel Dungeon is a turn-based rouge-like dungeon crawler with pixel art graphics. This game allows you to explore the depths of the dungeon and collect useful times, fight monster and search for artifacts at the same tie. In this game, you progress, die and start from the beginning.

[appbox googleplay com.watabou.pixeldungeon]


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Hoplite is a strategy game which focuses on tactical movement around small maps. The goal of the game is to get back the Fleece of Tender from the underworld located on the 16th floor.

[appbox googleplay com.magmafortress.hoplite]


2048 is an interesting, fun and addictive puzzle game. The number of tiles must be joined by swiping.

[appbox googleplay com.tpcstld.twozerogame]

One Touch Drawing

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This game is a fun little game where everything must be drawn with a single touch. The connecting points of the shape which needs to be drawn are given and vary from one level to the other. With a single touch, you need to connect all points.

[appbox googleplay com.ecapycsw.onetouchdrawing]

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