Nova launcher is probably the most popular launcher available for android.This is one of the fastest and smoothest launcher for android.If you like pure android experience then you should check out this launcher.It has tons of customization options available.The app is free but if you want all those extra cool features then you should install the premium one.It only costs $4.99.I generally use this one as my default launcher.

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It is pretty much same as nova launcher.It offers loads of cool features like it has its own advanced theme engine.You can change icons, themes and other things on this launcher.As far as performance and speed are concerned, the apex is one of the fastest launcher available for android.One of the most useful features of Apex launcher is its backup option.Using this, you can take a backup of your Apex settings and important data so when you need them you can restore them easily.Apex is free in the play store but if you want some extra features like more gesture option, more transaction option, enhanced folder support and more then you should go for the Apex launcher.

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This is the stock launcher of google nexus devices and new generation Motorola devices.As the name suggests the main feature of this launcher is Google now.You can easily access to your google now page by swiping right from your main home screen.As it is Google’s own launcher it gives the pure android experience.It has only one downside that is it lacks customization.But it is the best launcher if you want pure vanilla android experience.It is free in te play store.

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It is one of the most popular android launchers in the play store.Many tech YouTubers use this as their default launcher.It will bring you as close as stock android experience.But the cool thing about the launcher is the app drawer.You can access your app drawer by just swiping right from your main home screen.In this launcher, you have full control over your home screen and you can customize it any way you imagine.It has many customization options available and it is free in the play store.

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It is the only launcher in this list which doesn’t offer the stock android UI.It has a unique design but follows the google’s material design guidelines.It has the most organized user interface among all the launchers.It has its own lock screen.It has loads of customize option for themes, icon packs and others.It is one of the few launchers to get faster updates.It is free in the play store.But it supports a Pro version also, which has some more cool features.

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Above we share our Top 5 Best Android Launchers 2016.There are loads of launchers available in the play store, but we have to choose best 5 among them so we choose on the basis of popularity and developer support.

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