Top 5 Best Substratum Themes For Android (2018 Edition)

[Free] Top 5 Best Substratum Themes For Android (2018 Edition): Substratum themes are an awesome way to individually customize every single aspect of your rooted Android device running a custom ROM. Most new Android custom ROMs these days come with the substratum support and the substratum theme engine built in. You can use it to install multiple themes and customize several parts of your Android device individually.

For example, you could use one theme for your navigation bar, one for your notification panel, one for system apps and so on. They offer endless customizations and they are pretty easy to download and setup. So, here is a list of top 5 substratum themes for Android which you could use to customize your Android device according to your preference.

There are tons of Substratum themes available in the Play store and it is very hard to find the best ones from the list. So here we are to help you. Below we have shared our list of Top 5 Best Substratum Theme For Android (2018 Edition)

Top 5 Best Substratum Themes For Android (2018 Edition)

Top 5 Best Substratum Themes For Android (2018 Edition)

1. ModernUI Theme

ModernUI is a substratum theme which is designed based on the concept of the Windows ModernUI which has been there since Windows 8. It comes with a dark blue accent which gives a vibrant look to your device and it is supported on most AOSP based custom ROMs xxhdpi compatibility. ModernUI could be used to customize all of your system Google apps which include Gmail, the Google dialer, Contacts, Calculator and even the settings app.

[appbox googleplay id=sub.kickoff.modernui ]

2. NovaUI Theme

NovaUI is a colourful substratum theme and it comes with multiple colour combinations for individual apps on your phone. The theme includes a lot of exclusive customization options like a new boot animation, new fonts, ringtones and even wallpapers. It also adds a different colour accent to all of your system and 3rd party apps and it comes with both dark and light accents. So, NovaUI might be suitable for people who like dark as well as light colour based themes.

[appbox googleplay id=com.cytech.nova]

3. Material Glass Theme

Material Glass is the most unique and innovative substratum theme in this list as unlike traditional theme which follows the Google‘s material design guidelines, Material glass adopts a transparent design language. This means that all the apps and settings including the notification drawer background, the settings app and even the background of the system apps are all made of a transparent background. So if you are looking to try a fresh new look on your device then you should definitely use Material Glass theme.

[appbox googleplay]

4. BalticUI

BalticUI for substratum is a pure dark theme and it is completely based on Material design. It is just like a darker alternative version of the Stock Android version running on the Google Pixel and the Nexus phones. It completely transforms every single aspect of your smartphone including your lockscreen, gallery and even your keyboard. Since it is pitch black in nature it might also save your battery if you own a device with an AMOLED screen.

[appbox googleplay id=ya.baltic.subs]

5. Pixel UI

Pixel UI, as the name suggests is a substratum theme based on the current stock Android version running on the flagship device of Google, the Google Pixel. It gives a clean and a minimal look to your device with a blue accent. The overall setup of the theme is bright and it really goes well with your eyes. The PixelUI theme only customizes a limited number of your apps and settings so that you could get a closer to stock Android experience just like the Google Pixel.

[appbox googleplay id=substratum.xdnax.pixel]

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