Top 5 Programs for Video Editing On Your Smartphone in 2021

Did you know that according to the study, by the year 2022, there will be 205 million viewers of smartphone videos in the United States? That indicates that the field of video is increasing and increasing every year. So while it is tempting to post a video right after you’ve shot it, using video editing software can multiply the popularity of your video. On operating systems such as IOS and Android, many video editors are designed to enhance your user experience. Such apps have evolved so much that they are not even inferior to desktop video editing software, offering the same range of functions.

The only problem with videos is that most video clips are shot instantly and very rarely revisited. That is why the principal goal of video editors is to change this pattern. Below in this article, we list the top 5 best mobile video editors.

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What Are the Best Video Editing Apps?


No matter where you are, you can always rely on the free video editor iMovie. That application was developed for users of operating systems such as iOS and macOS. iMovie offers its users a range of essential video processing tools. That is how iMovie reminds Adobe Premiere Rush. The simplified user interface is the advantage that sets iMovie apart from other video editors.

Using iMovie, you can easily create your logos, add actors’ names and credits, and choose a style template that suits your video best. You can choose from ten filters and eight themes.

iMovie is a great solution for tasks that don’t require advanced video editing software. If you are satisfied with the basic tools, then iMovie is at your service.

Adobe Premiere Rush

People who have ever interacted with video editing software duties should hear about Adobe Premiere Pro, which is a complete PC video editor. As for Adobe Premiere Rush, it’s like the little sister to Adobe’s Premiere Pro. This software is a wonderful combination of power and ease of use. Rush is a relatively new addition to the Adobe family of apps that is aimed at people looking to edit and download content quickly.

Premiere Rush arranges all of your pieces of video content from left to right in chronological order. Using the toolbar in this application is very simple and therefore does not require additional instructions or explanations. Probably the most important disadvantage of Premiere Rush is its limited editing choices.

If you compare Adobe Premiere Rush with other video editors like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, you can see the huge difference. Premiere Rush lacks the manual control panel that is available on PC video editing software. This software is probably the best option among other applications for people who do not need professional tools but only basic editing functions.

Unfortunately, this application is not free. The subscription to Adobe Premiere Rush is approximately $10 per month. But it’s worth saying that for this money, you get not only access to Adobe Premiere Rush but also access to Adobe Fonts, Adobe Portfolio, and Adobe Sparks, and 100 GB of cloud storage. Rush is available for download on both iOS and Android.

Movavi Clips

Movavi Clips is a simple app that makes video editing on your smartphone much easier. Online video editor by Movavi offers users all the features they need to create various videos for both business and personal use. In addition, this video editor is a great solution for people who constantly post video content to social networks like Instagram, as there are templates available in different aspect ratios, suitable for square videos (1: 1) and stories (9:16). You can upload any videos or photos from your gallery and add them to your video content. As for music, Movavi Clips has a library of free music available, or you can download the required song yourself.

If we talk about the list of features of this application, it is really huge. You can rotate and crop your videos, add transitions, and set the duration of each frame. If we talk about advanced tools, then these include the panning effect, slow motion (Slow-Mo), adding text, various filters, and stickers. In addition, you can add your logo to the video, as well as record a voiceover using your microphone.

One of the biggest drawbacks is the Movavi watermark in the corner of output videos. But you can always get rid of this by purchasing one of the premium plans. One month subscription costs $3.49; there is also a one-year pass ($12.99) and a lifetime subscription ($25.99).


The LumaFusion application has been popular among users in the App Store for some time. This app provides a huge number of different advanced features to create high-quality content on your iPhone.

LumaFusion, while mobile, has the same features as Final Cut Pro and others. One such feature is the presence of a magnetic timeline that reorganizes your video content. With this software, you can set markers to leave comments, and you can create, move, copy or delete various frames. The intuitive interface helps you create complex projects without problems.

Using LumaFusion, you can add a variety of styles and effects to your video. There is also a “Title” tool, which allows you to add multi-layered titles of different shapes to the video or images or text elements. It is worth adding such an interesting tool as over-exposure, which allows you to correct the color of your video material completely. Using the real-time preview, you can constantly preview how your video will look with all the changes and, if necessary, change some elements.

This app combines all the basic tools and features found in most video editors, as well as several interesting additional features such as the ability to convert your files to any video format. The application itself is $29.99, but this does not include additional features. They need to be purchased separately through the app.


InShot is a comprehensive software for editing various content and videos. With it, you can create, cut, trim, merge, delete, and even speed up or slow down different parts of the video.

InShot is best for video editing to be posted on social media like Instagram, as it helps with collages, blurring borders, making the image or video square ready for Instagram, etc. It is worth saying that here you can add various music, both available in the library of compositions and downloaded independently. The ability to add voiceover and text is a very useful feature, especially for people involved in creating reviews of various products. InShot also has a volume control function for both original sounds and songs.

InShot video editing software is very simple and multifunctional. There is only one drawback with this app. InShot is freeware, but the free version contains ads for watermarks. If you want to get rid of this, you will have to buy a premium subscription which costs $3.99 per month or $14.99 per year.


Choosing an app is not difficult if you know the parameters that need to be assessed before purchasing. Don’t take our list of applications as your last resort, as there are many more good video editors out there like Mixcord, Magisto, and KineMaster. Since most apps are free, it’s worth testing all of them and determining which one you feel comfortable with. We hope that our article will help you find the app that suits your preferences best.


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