Top 5 Best Streaming Apps In India for 2017

Our List Of Top 5 Best Streaming Apps In India for 2017: We live in a world where almost everything can be done with the help of technology like we use technology to do most of our basic work nowadays. Those days where you had to put hard work in doing the simplest of things have passed by long ago. Technology makes our life easier and simpler and helps us to conserve time to utilise them in doing something else we may feel like deserves more time.

Such a thing which consumes more time is going out to watch a movie, but it takes time as you have to travel to the theatre book the tickets to the movie you are going to watch. Thanks to technology even that problem is solved because in these days we can just chill on our couch relax and just stream any movies we want to watch whether it is with someone or just you yourself alone trying to relax and have a good time.

In this article, I’m going to help you guys by telling you which streaming app in India is best suitable to your conditions and will be the most beneficial to you. So, now I’m going, to begin with, our list of top 5 Best Streaming Apps In India for 2017.

Top 5 Best Streaming Apps In India for 2017

  1) Hotstar :

Hotstar is one of the streaming apps which is widely popular in India, recently launched by Star India in February 2015, Since its launch, the app has had great success in India. The app provides both Indian and western content. It is widely used by people as it is free to use and doesn’t require a subscription, but I’m not saying a one isn’t available. If you just despise ads like I do but want to support the app financially another alternative for you is to purchase the premium membership for just Rs.199 a month, which in my opinion is a great deal.

Top 5 Best Streaming Apps In India for 2017

2) Netflix :

Now surely all of you must’ve heard of Netflix, it is famous worldwide for the amount of content it offers for a great price and it is also one of the only app which provides 4k streaming in India.

After its launch in India it has been a hit and praised widely by many users. Now, even though Netflix focuses more on western content it still provides some exclusive Bollywood content for its users in India, but if you prefer more Bollywood movies rather than Hollywood then you shouldn’t invest in Netflix. One of the only problems of people with Netflix is that the app isn’t free to use like Hotstar and a premium membership to use the app is a must. However, it does offer a 1 month free trial so the users can decide whether they want to invest in the app or not.

Screen Shot 2017 05 06 at 11.46.19 AM
A chart of the different memberships available with different prices and what they have to offer.


An Image showing what kind of titles Netflix has to offer to its users.

3) Amazon Prime Video:

Even though it is new in the market APV (Amazon Prime Video) offers some great exclusives and original titles like, Vikings, Downtown Abbey, Mr Robot, Orphan Black, and several shows which the young ones in your house will enjoy a lot like, Spongebob Squarepants, Avatar, etc. The downside of APV is that its library of titles is small and still growing. Also, It only offers a premium membership, but a 30 days free trial is also available. If you own a Amazon Prime membership then you can straightaway use APV without buying any additional subscription, but if you don’t own a prime membership then you can get APV for a price of Rs. 499 per month (Introductory price) which later increases to Rs. 999 per month. Now, not everyone can afford this, but if it got the titles you are interested in and you can afford it you should give it a go.

Amazon Home
A preview of what the Amazon Prime Video dashboard looks like along with some titles.

4) Voot :

It was launched by Viacom18 recently and even though it’s only recent its library has some pretty amazing and recent titles in which almost all people are interested in. This was very rare to see as recent titles are not available on streaming apps but Voot was surprisingly different than the others. Sadly it doesn’t offer western shows and movies, but the good thing about Voot is that it’s completely free to use and doesn’t require any paid membership. 


Screen Shot 2017 05 06 at 12.24.02 PM
A variety of shows and TV series available on Voot.

Screen Shot 2017 05 06 at 12.24.55 PM

5) Spuul :

Spuul was one of the first streaming Indian apps. It only provides Indian content and no western content, It has a free catalogue of content that people can access to decide whether or not if they should buy the premium version. Even though it only offers limited Indian content the free catalogue is pretty good and interesting with great titles and movies. The premium membership only costs Rs. 150 per month which is pretty affordable, but the content is also limited. Good thing about Spuul is that it provides the content in different languages like, punjabi, tamil, etc. and not only that, but if you are about to head to some place with no internet, you can download the shows pre-hand and watch them later when you feel like it.

Image showcasing different titles available on Spuul.

So, with that, I’d like to conclude my list and hope it helped you in some way possible and I hope you can now decide in which streaming app you want to invest your money in and which you think is the best suitable for you. And even though streaming apps saves time, sometimes it is good to just go out to watch a movie.

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