Top 6 Resources for TASC Test Preparation

Top 6 Resources for TASC Test Preparation: There are many people who believe that the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) test is the most difficult of all high school equivalency exams. However, when compared to other exams in its category, (such as the GED and the HiSET), it is obvious that the test content of the TASC is in alignment with the Common Core State Standards just like the other two. The TASC can be said to be more difficult because the Common Core State Standards has been revised and now requires a higher level and standard of academic performance.

The passing standard for the TASC test is premised on the national sample of the current high school graduates. According to this sample, it can be concluded that the performance of the candidates who pass the TASC test can be compared to about 60% of current high school students. This does not presuppose that the exam has the same level of difficulty with other tests in its category. In most cases, the success of students taking the exam is majorly dependent on their strengths and weaknesses.

When it comes to taking the TASC exam, it is important that you understand the details of the test and what you are expected to study to be able to pass with flying colours. You need to know the different resources that are at your disposal to help you in your preparation but first of all, you need to know what the exam is all about.

What do you need to know about the TASC test?

Top 6 Resources for TASC Test Preparation
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The TASC is a secure, valid, and reliable academic instrument that is utilized to validate that a candidate has the knowledge in the core areas that are equivalent to that of graduating seniors of high school. There are typically five different test areas that are covered in the TASC test domain. These are Reading, Writing, Science, Mathematics, and Social Science.

The test is administered through computer-based and paper-based formats. It is important to mention that the exam cannot be taken online. To ensure that the skills and contents measured through the tests remain parallel to the curriculum of the contemporary high school, there are regular reviews that the tests are subjected to. The time allocated to the completion of the test is a total of nine hours and the test also features a direct writing assessment.

You will receive your test result between five to six weeks after the date of taking the test. It is crucial to mention that the release of some results might take longer than this due to errors in computing which will require manual reconciliation to ensure preciseness. The test is available in English, Braille, and Spanish. The audio version is also available for the visually impaired candidates.

Resources for preparing for the TASC test

There are different resources that you can use to prepare for your TASC test. For instance, there is the High School Equivalent Examinations study guide that has been developed to help you in your study activities. Below are the details of other resources that you can use in your study activities towards the day of your writing your test. It is important to point out that you do not have to utilize all these resources. You just need to select the ones that available within your locality and go for them. In all, it is about how well you are prepared and how much you are able to assimilate during your preparation that will determine your level of success during the TASC test.

  1. PrepAway

The platform offers you the ability to create a free account to be able to access online TASC tutorials and practice test questions. You will need to have a library card to be able to sign up on this platform. In addition to tutorial materials, you will also have access to practice tests and other educational and career resources.

  1. New York State Education Department

There are many physical and virtual resources that are available for the TASC exam preparation. The NY State Education Department website helps you find prep classes as well as test centers across New York. You will be able to access information about prep materials, useful tips in preparing for the exam, and fraud warnings. Check this site to access links to resources that will help you in your preparation for the TASC test.

  1. The NY City Office of Adult & Continuing Education

For candidates that are over the age of 21, this platform offers you the opportunity to sign up for free for day and evening classes. You can visit the directory of the office to locate the center that is appropriate for you.

  1. New York City Office of Workforce Development

On this page, you can locate an education program that will be appropriate for your test preparation. You can access High School Equivalent Exam preparatory courses on this page as well as other training. The page is available in English, Spanish, and some other languages.

  1. Community Impact – Columbia University

This platform offers the TASC prep support for its candidates. As soon as you register for your test, you will be required to sit for a placement test to ascertain your readiness to write the exam. Your performance will determine the kind of resources and support you will get from the platform.

  1. Harlem Center for Education

If you are looking for an intensive program where you can learn all you possibly can in preparation for your TASC test, then the Harlem Center for Education is your best bet. The platform offers a 13-week intensive preparation program to equip the candidates with the knowledge and skills needed to excel during the test.


Wherever you are, there are numerous resources that are within your reach. All you have to do is take advantage of them and be well prepared for your exam. There are also practice tests that you can access online to help you in your preparation.

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