Top computer peripherals and Electrical tools flash sale (Upto 60% Off)

There is a great promotional sale going at’s ” Top computer peripherals and Electrical tools flash sale” offers some unbelievable offers on Computers, Computer Peripherals, and Electricals accessories.This a very limited time offer.Most of the Computer related products are available with up to 60% discounted price.This is really an unbelievable opportunity.

If you are interested then you can check out Gearbest’s Top computer peripherals and Electrical tools flash sale

Below we are sharing some of the products from Gearbest’s Top computer peripherals and Electrical tools flash sale

Top computer peripherals and Electrical tools flash sale

K002 – 104 RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This is a one of a kind keyboard which is often preferred by the top gamers around the world. It comes with 9 different kinds of presetting lights which are capable of giving different entertainment feels and are extremely catchy. It is ergonomically designed and you can use it for long time play without fatigue, you can easily use this to enjoy games for a whole day. It comes with multi-functional FN key combinations which provide you shortcuts to reach multimedia. Its keys are extremely durable with the life of keystrokes being up to 60 million times. It is compatible with almost every OS including Windows XP / Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10 and even Mac OS. It also consists of 32 hotkeys which when combined with each other provide an extraordinary gaming experience.

This amazing gaming laptop is available on GearBest at just $52.34 after a discount of 46%.Buy it now


Redragon M802 Optical Gaming Mouse

Redragon M802 is an amazing optical gaming mouse which comes with 11 buttons to give the gamers an experience they will never forget. It comes with 5 adjustable DPI settings which allows you to adjust the resolution and sensitivity of your mouse as per your satisfaction. The DPI resolution ratio of the mouse can be deduced using the status of DPL indicator light

Yellow: gear 1(1000 DPI)

Green: gear 2 (2000 DPI)

Blue: gear 3 (4000 DPI)

Purple: gear 4 (8000 DPI)

Red: gear 5 (12000 DPI)

It has various different backlight effects which makes it really useful especially in a dark environment. You can also adjust the light effect by using backlight mode switch buttons. It comes with totally 11 buttons including 3 side-buttons and 2 buttons for DPI settings. It has an ergonomic curved design which gives a comfortable feel while playing games. Its cable length is 1.8m and is made using braided nylon which makes it extremely durable.

This wonderful gaming mouse is available on GearBest for just $33.94.Buy it now


ELE Secret fingerprint USB flash drive

ELE Secret fingerprint flash drive is an example of how far technology has come. Not only is it capable of storing data, but you can also make it more secure by using fingerprint to protect it from going into wrong hands.

It comes with two different sections namely private and public and you can save data accordingly. Once the USB flash drive has been plugged in, only the files in public section will be shown and the others will remain hidden unless fingerprint authentication is approved.

It comes with a maximum capacity of 64 GB which is exceptional as you can store a lot of data in it. Its maximum reading speed is 25 MB/s whereas it maximum writing speed is 12 MB/s.

This amazing USB flash drive can be purchased from GearBest at just $67.80.Buy it now


ASUS RT-AC1200GU Wireless Router

ASUS is one of the leading brands when it comes to technology. ASUS is also known for manufacturing Wireless routers, one of which is ASUS RT-AC1200GU. It comes with 802.11ac chipset which is capable of giving concurrent dual band 2.4GHz / 5GHz. It has four 5dBi external antennas which are useful in expanding the coverage area of the router and give better multi-device access. It also comes with multifunctional built-in USB ports for file sharing, 3G/4G sharing, printer sharing and more. The parental control feature can be used for setting the time limit of network usage and also to filter the web pages to block specific content. The Gigabit Ethernet ports provide the fastest and the most reliable internet performance you will ever experience.

It is available on GearBest at just $79.99. Buy it now

ALL THE PRODUCTS WHICH ARE LISTED ON ” Top computer peripherals and Electrical tools flash sale “

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Product List - Top computer peripherals and Electrical tools flash sale

All the products are listed above.If you are interested in buying anything then hurry up as this is a limited time offer.Check out Gearbest’s Top computer peripherals and Electrical tools flash sale

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