Top video editing apps for Android

With more and more businesses and brands becoming remote and digital, the need to get things done on the go has increased. Social media channels are mainly used by people to distribute content very fast and regularly, that too from their phones at any given point in time.

This blog covers a list of some incredible video editing apps that Android users can use to edit stunning videos.

Video Editing: The Need of the Marketing World Today

Top video editing apps for Android

Video clips can be moulded in various ways using editing apps and software. You can make a slideshow of a few images using a slideshow maker like InVideo, or you can give stunning effects to a video clip.

A video that is shot on the phone, and a video that appears on digital channels might be the same, but editing gives it a brand new face to the digital channel ones. Explore video editing apps and their features to create content that promotes your brand.

List of Top Video Editing Apps for Android:

  1. KineMaster: This is an easy to use video editor that can be used on your smartphones. This app has a lot of editing tools. Many tools are free of cost, but if you want to avail some real jaw-dropping editing features offered by Kinemaster, you can upgrade to its premium plan. The paid plan asks for 4.99 $ per month. It has features like effect layers, audio filters, chroma key for the green screen fans, transitions, etc.
  2. VivaVideo: Anyone who loves creating and editing short video clips must be aware of this extremely popular mobile app. You can use VivaVideo to edit your Instagram stories, Facebook posts, and even YouTube channel content. This android video editing app follows the given process for editing:
  • The user uploads the desired clips.
  • Edits it and trims it as per the requirements.
  • Once the segment is done, the user goes ahead to the next project.

The free trial version videos have a time limit and also come with a watermark. These restrictions can be drifted away by switching to a paid pro model of the app.

  1. InShot: Social media has an inevitable presence today. People put up content that is filtered, worked upon, and enhanced beautifully. InShot is a free video editing app that is suitable for producing good social media content. Beginners can make use of this app as it comes with a pretty easy and intuitive user interface. You can use this app to create intros and outros too. An outro maker like this one can be accessed by everyone as its features are self-explanatory.
  2. Quik: Quik is an app to edit videos that have been developed by GoPro. If you own a GoPro camera, and you like shooting and editing its clips, Quik is just the right tool for you. That does not mean this tool restricts itself to GoPro footage. Anybody can leverage the features of Quik as it can edit videos from different sources. You can accommodate upto 75 images and videos while working on a single project in this app. Quik also has multiple themes for your videos and supports eight different file types.
  3. InVideo: It is an intuitive and free video editing app. It lets you create professional-looking videos in no time. It is one of the most versatile options to create a stunning video. The variety of features include animation, collaboration, 3D video editing, access to audio tools, drag and drop facility, a huge media library, brand overlay, and many more. You can directly share the video on your social media channels, too, using this app. Make your YouTube video stand out by making use of its premium features.
  4. Power Director: This is a mid-level video editing app that you can use to edit clips. This app is considered the iMovie of Android with features like multi tracking editing, slow-motion effects, transitions, effects, voiceovers, background music, etc. The app adds a watermark to all the videos that are edited on the free version. You can spend $5 for an in-app purchase to remove these and get access to 1080p export. You can export the final videos directly to your YouTube channel.
  5. Lightworks: This app is on the professional end of the video editing sphere. Best suited for professional editors, it has been used by great editors to create award-winning videos too. There are two versions; One is the free one that is quite powerful with features like Multicam editing, more than a hundred effects, transitions, etc. The other is the pro version that demands a small fee and comes with advanced features like stereoscopic output, advanced project sharing, etc.
  6. Splice: This app is liked by its users, as suggested by the reviews and ratings. It is one of the best apps to edit all your saved videos on your phone. You can import the videos, manipulate, and enhance them using the editing tools of the app. It is an app that can be downloaded completely free of cost. You can trim and crop clips, add music from the audio library, insert transitions between clips and images in the video. The app also enables you to share your posts to social media platforms directly.
  7. Magisto: This is just the right match for all your Instagram posts. But, that does not stop it from editing videos for other channels. You can creatively edit small clips using Magisto in simple steps given below:
  • Select the video editing style in the app- the type of story you wish to tell.
  • Select the images and clips you want to include in the output.
  • To add the cherry on the cake, plug in the music from the Magisto’s built-in music library.


The world is becoming digital. Video has become the most preferred form of content in the digital world. To move ahead, you need to develop content that is presentable, reachable, and relevant. Video editing apps help you achieve these attributes easily.


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