[Best] Tower of Fantasy Weapon Tier List – [2023]

Welcome to the Tower of Fantasy Weapon Tier List! Tower of Fantasy is an exciting RPG game that offers players a wide variety of weapons to choose from. However, not all weapons are created equal and some clearly perform better than others. With over 20 different weapons available in the game each with their own unique buffs and nerfs, choosing the right weapon can be quite important for success in this game.You’ll need to unlock the characters to get different weapons and equip 3 weapons at a time

In this guide we will rank all these various weapons according to their performance across numerous different modes within Tower Of Fantasy so you can make sure your character has optimal equipment for any situation they may find themselves in during play-throughs or co-op mode battles against formidable bosses!

What is Tower of Fantasy

In the Tower of Fantasy, you’ll traverse through various landscapes including snowy mountains, lush forests, and dark dungeons. You’ll face a wide array of monsters and creatures, each with their own unique skills and powers. Crafting is also an integral part of the game, with players able to craft weapons, armor, and other items to aid them on their journey.

The list starts off with S tier being reserved only for those few elite level items that have been proven time and again as unbeatable when it comes to maximizing damage output while also keeping utility high enough through special abilities or status effects such as stunning enemies etcetera. Following S tier are A up down until B which contains weaker but still useful items if you don’t happen upon one of those rarer top quality pieces yet still want something decent on hand at least temporarily before finding something better later on during your journey through The tower Of fantasy world. The last tier is C.

The Tower of Fantasy also features a wide variety of side quests and activities that players can undertake, aside from the main quest. These side quests and activities allow players to explore more of the game world and discover new secrets and treasures. Players can also join up with other players in co-op mode and take on challenging boss battles together.

Tower of Fantasy Weapon Tier List

Tower of Fantasy Weapon Tier List

The Tower of Fantasy Weapon Tier List here ranks all the weapons according to their overall performance across the numerous game modes. Without further ado, here is the Tower of Fantasy Weapon Tier List.

Tier S – Ruby, King, Samir, Nemesis, Frigg, Saki, Lin

Tier A – Tsubasa, Huma, Meryl, Claudia, Cocoritter, Crow, Cobalt-B

Tier B – Zero, Shiro

Tier C – Echo, Pepper, Ene, Hilda, Bai Ling

This list should provide a good starting point when deciding what type/level gear works best depending on whether someone prefers more versatility (multiple lower grade items) vs raw power (one higher end item). We hope our readers find this helpful when making decisions about how best equip their characters throughout gameplay !

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