How Can You Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone

Is your boyfriend acting weird lately? Is he giving enough reasons for you to feel doubtful about his loyalty? Is he really where he claims to be? A messed up relationship or doubtfulness can actually mess up your mental health.

So, while traditionally you would have to follow your boyfriend around to track him, now times have evolved for the better. Agreed, there are ways to track a person through his email, but not without sending him an alert or ping that such tracking is being done, thus defeating the very purpose.

This would appear as pleasant news that you can track your boyfriend’s phone GPS location without raising any alert or ping on his phone. Yes, you can indulge in live tracking without leaving room for any sort of suspicion.

Safespy: Best App to Track your Boyfriend

Laden with features that ensure extreme secretiveness of conduct, Safespy is a perfect web-based app. The application leaves no room for even latent suspicion or trails that can get you caught in the process of tracking your boyfriend.

As the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is anyways too fragile, your interests and data stay protected and secured with Safespy. Perse, having issues in trust in your relationship does not feel good and living with the apprehension of being caught doesn’t make it better.

Even the minutest of risks associated with online tracking are efficiently covered under Safespy. You can attain a holistic insight into your boyfriend’s phone without even touching his phone.

Do much more than tracking his location..

In addition to tracking his live location, you view your boyfriend’s inbox, the messages he deleted, or the messages that he typed but did not send. You can view everything ranging from his social media exchanges to his GPS locations.

You would no longer need to rely upon what he’s telling you and can see first hand what he is really doing. You need to look no further and search no further for the best spy application for tracking your boyfriend. Other apps are not even close to the functions that Safespy provides.

Safespy better than other apps

Safespy is not the only application that provides location tracking services, but it is without doubt the most reliable. You can count upon the services offered by this platform and the multiplicity and security of its services.

To start with a very basic point of distinction, most spy apps have deep embedded phishing tools that have the potential of compromising the integrity of your system. Not Safespy. It doesn’t even seek robot verifications or feedback, let alone phishing issues.

Below are some further superb features that the application has to provide:

Stealth Mode

It is an established fact that you wouldn’t want your spying to be known or detected in many manners. To meet this requirement, Safespy provides a stealth mode that guarantees safety, security and secrecy of conduct.

You can be as secretive as possible with your identity and none of your steps would be detected. Without any pings or security alerts, you can track his location live without any apprehension. No one using Safespy for tracking location has ever been caught in the process.

No Rooting or Jailbreaking

Safespy does not ask you to root through your boyfriend’s phone. To make things even simpler and easier, you wouldn’t even need to touch your boyfriend’s phone to track his location.

The best part is the least information that is required to register to the app. With something as little as just your email ID, you can attain full tracking functionality on Safespy. Further, it is a web based application and doesn’t require you to keep proofs in the form of an application on your phone.

Track your Boyfriend’s Phone

Whatever be the kind of phone that your boyfriend uses, be it an iOS or an Android phone, Safespy can on it remotely. As unbelievable as it might seem, within a few flimsy minutes, you can follow the steps below and embark on your journey of tracking his phone:

Step 1

First and foremost, you would need to register on the web based application with your email ID. This email used for registration will act as the formal mode of Safespy’s communication to you.

Step 2

After the registration, you will be required to select the plan that you like. As it turns out, Safespy has abundant monthly plans and packages to choose from. These plans render a lot of different sets of features and functions.

Step 3

Once you have selected the plan that suits your requirements the best, you would then need to initiate the set up procedure on your system. As the next step, you will receive a step up link as soon as you pay for the plan.

This set up link would be self sufficient. Within a few moments itself, you will have the software successfully installed.

Step 4:

Upon successful set up, the application will then seek the target platform from you. If your boyfriend uses an iPhone, you would choose ‘iOS’ as the target device. If your boyfriend uses an Android phone, you would choose ‘Android’ as the target device.

Linking with iOS

When you confirm ‘iOS’ as the target platform, you just need to input the iCloud credentials of his iPhone. This ensures immediate linkage to his phone. You then can head to the dashboard and track his phone.

Linking with Android

When you confirm ‘Android’ as the target platform, you would need to download the application into his phone. This requirement is there to suffice to Android’s regulations regarding remote access. No app in the world can provide direct and immediate access.

Therefore, Safespy is only 2MB in its weight. Hence, it doesn’t attract the attention of the user. The app also vanishes from the library of apps and nothing will instigate any sort of suspicion in the mind of your boyfriend.

So, within a few time efficient steps, Safespy links itself to the target Android device. And you can track his Android phone immediately.


Safespy’s provides you the perfect impetus to track your boyfriend’s phone GPS location. On a real time basis, you can track and evaluate his locations and purposes. Contrary to what he tells you, you can see the truth black and white.

While where there is fire, there is smoke, you can douse the fire by your own version of the truth that Safespy can offer. So, do not befool any more, ju


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