How to unlock your iPhone without a passcode or face ID

When iOS users enter the incorrect password multiple times on their iPhones, the devices end up getting deactivated. If you’ve accidentally locked your iPhone and you don’t have the passcode or face ID, don’t worry. In this article, you’ll get to know how to unlock your iPhone without a passcode or face ID with ease.

Passcode or Face ID ensures that your iPhone is safe and secure. However, you may forget your passcode or the device may fail to detect your face at times, yet you need to access your iPhone with either of these methods.

Despite the fact that this is a difficult situation, the right approach can help resolve it. The key to unlocking your iPhone without a passcode or Face ID is to get the right tool. Fortunately, this article simplifies everything for you so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Unlock your iPhone without a passcode or face ID

  1. Activate voice control by going to the settings under accessibility or by searching voice control in the search bar
  2. Now, create a new custom command
  3. Next, you should type the phrase that you want to use for opening your device (for instance, open)
  4. Press on “Run custom gesture” and then type on the screen where the passcode would be. For instance, if your password was “1111”, you’ll have to press the top left 4x
  5. Once completed, you should press save and give this a go
  6. Head over to the lock screen and then use your phrase for running the gesture
  7. If you find that the button presses are slightly off or slow, edit the gesture until it is exactly how you want it to be
  8. This will be useful if you cannot type in the passcode and your device isn’t reading your face ID

How to unlock your iPhone using Find My iPhone?

unlock your iPhone without a passcode or face ID

Apple’s Find My iPhone feature will allow you to wipe off everything including the Face ID and Passcode from your iPhone remotely. This will be the easiest way to unlock your iPhone. To do that, follow these instructions –

  1. Head over to on your PC
  2. Log in to iCloud’s website using the Apple ID and password you’re using on the locked iPhone
  3. Choose “Find My” and then click on the “All Devices” option for viewing all the devices linked to your Apple ID
  4. Choose the locked iOS device
  5. Now, you’ll be shown different options including “Lock”, “Play Sound”, and “Erase iPhone”
  6. Click on the “Erase iPhone” option for erasing all the data from the iPhone including the passcode and Face ID, which will allow you to unlock your iPhone easily
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