How To Use Fingerprint Scanner On Xiaomi Redmi 3S To Take Selfie

Guide To Use Fingerprint Scanner On Xiaomi Redmi 3S To Take Selfie: Xiaomi launched the Redmi 3S last year and it was one of the most successful entry-level devices from Xiaomi till date. The device was released with a 5 inch HD Screen and a 13 MP rear camera. One of the main highlights of the Xiaomi Redmi 3S besides the massive 4300 mAh battery is the quick and snappy fingerprint scanner placed on the back of the device.

While the fingerprint scanner of the Redmi 3S is a quick and an easy to way to instantly unlock the device without having to enter a password or draw a pattern, it had one minor drawback. A lot of Redmi 3S users have reported that whenever they accidentally touch the fingerprint scanner while they were using the device, it randomly started selecting text on the screen.

However, this is not a serious issue like you think and it can be easily resolved with a simple fix. If you have a rooted Xiaomi Redmi 3S device then all you have to do is to modify a file in the system directory using a file explorer that supports root access. If you have not yet rooted your device, don’t worry you can follow our step by step guide here to root your Redmi 3S safely -> How To Root Redmi 3S & Install TWRP Recovery

Once you have successfully rooted your device, then you can proceed to follow the below steps. This method not only resolves the fingerprint scanner issue, but you can also use it to assign a custom action to the fingerprint scanner like opening an app or taking a selfie. Here is how.

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How To Use Fingerprint Scanner On Xiaomi Redmi 3S To Take Selfie

Redmi 3S

Step 1: Download the MiXplorer app from the XDA Labs and install it on your device. This is one of the most popular file manager apps that supports root access.

Step 2: Now open the app and then navigate to /system/usr/keylayout. 

Step 3: Here you can find a file named Generic.kl. Open the file.

Step 4: Now inside the file, search for key 353 and then replace the DPAD_CENTER line with Camera.

Step 5: Save the file and then reboot your device.

Step 6: Once the reboot is complete, you can now use your fingerprint scanner to take a selfie.

If you have any doubts regarding this process, feel free to comment below for help.

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