Vampire Survivors Character Tier List (August -2022)

Here’s our Vampire Survivors: character tier list. Putting the game’s several playable characters in order from best to worst (August -2022)

Vampire Survivors is a Roguelike Shoot’em Up role-playing video game with a great selection of characters. Each character comes with passive features and starts with a unique starting weapon. The character’s stats, weapons, and passives play a key role in determining which characters are better than others. But which character should you be using in your Runs in Vampire Survivors? In this guide, you’ll get to know the entire tier list of Vampire Survivors characters from S Tier to F Tier so that you can choose the best ones.

The S Tier is used for denoting the best of the best characters in the game and these are the characters that you should be looking to use. The F Tier will denote the worst ones and these characters are the ones that you should stay away from.

Vampire Survivors Character Tier List

The character tiers from A to D are the characters that are decent options but they get worse as you’re going down the line. There’s also a “?” tier right in the middle of the tier list and it is the only character in the Vampire Survivors Tier List where the stats are randomized each time you’re selecting the character. This means that it could either be the best character in the game or the worst character in the game depending on your luck.

August 2022 character tier list in Vampire Survivors

Tier Character Weapon
S Tier Leda Holy Wand
S Tier Poppea Song of Mana
A Tier  Arca Fire Wand
A Tier Christine Pentagram
A Tier Red Death Death Spiral
A Tier Dommario King Bible
A Tier Mortaccio Bone
A Tier Pugnala Phiera Der Tuphello &
Eight The Sparrow
B Tier  Krochi Cross
B Tier Giovanna Gatti Amari
B Tier Cavallo Cherry Bomb
? Tier missingN▯  Axe or Death Spiral
B Tier Pasqualina Runetracer
C Tier  Porta Lightning Ring
C Tier Imelda Magic Wand
C Tier Clerici Santa Water
C Tier Antonio Whip
C Tier Lama Axe
D Tier  Gennaro Knife
D Tier Ramba  Carréllo
F Tier Poe Garlic
F Tier Exdash Ebony Wings
F Tier Toastie Peachone


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